crunchroll needs tsukkomu option for manga
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Posted 1/8/15 , edited 1/10/15
I was reading manga on a bootleg site and noticed that they had an interesting and sometimes funny feature "tsukkomus" for anyone who doesnt know what that is it is like a comment or what the reader is thinking feature. It allows comments on top of the manga panels.

Surprisingly otakus sure have terrible humor. I died when i once read a tsukkomu from a panel off shogeki no soma. I kid you not the most overused tsukkomu was "shogeki no soma is a cooking manga" This is pretty obvious but those who have seen the manga know that what im talking about everytime someone had foodgasms... it got a lil hot and at times you will wonder is this really about food?

Ive also have seen fans ship characters and it turns into a fun tsukkomo war and you can usually see these netizens shipping hard for example tatsumixesdese or tatsumixchelsea and tatsumixpink girl (4got name) with panels suddenly having 500+ tsukkomus when the prev panel had significantly less tsukkomo like 50 or less and sometimes at the most ridiculous panel say pumkin girl shooting esdese right b4 a cliffhanger.

Damn funny tsukkomu from Akame ga kill during budou going over 9000! Tsukkomu read "the anime killed me and made me look weak time to shit on you weaboos in the manga" hilarious manga done some justice.

Anyways well tired oftyping on xbox one with bad grammar (cant expect that of me on a console and controller) i know so im ending my rant and asking you guys what you guys think should cr include this tsukkomu feature? Be sure to share a time a tsukkomu made you almost crap yourself if you have one.

on a last note Harems all day err day im so jelly of kiritos va getting all the harem main characters this season. Absolute duo and something boring kanojo.
Posted 1/8/15 , edited 1/9/15
Then it can be like Doujin-moe.
Posted 1/8/15 , edited 1/9/15
Because the comment section is too mainstream, I suppose?
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Posted 1/9/15 , edited 1/16/15
Tsukkomus are pretty much worthless, imo.
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Posted 1/9/15 , edited 1/10/15
I was curious about this feature when it first started coming out in bootleg sites. I'm so happy there was an option to opt out, because I opted out as soon as I possibly could!! Though if the option of having them on or off is available then what the hell add them in, that way everyone is happy.
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Posted 1/9/15 , edited 10/12/15
I like it , personally. I tend to reread manga with them on just to see reactions on specific panels.
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End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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