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Posted 1/8/15 , edited 1/9/15
Hi everyone! So, at the moment I'm 5 hours into transcribing (schoolwork-related reasons) a Nature documentary called "A Murder of Crows" and it's really interesting, aside from my wanting to kill myself due to how long it's taking to do this in a house full of distractions. Here's the link to it at the part I'm about to talk about:

That part focuses on the crows in Japan, jungle crows, some of the most savvy and adaptable birds on the planet, and how there are patrols devoted to the crows, who move throughout the city to take care of the problems they create, like messing up rail lines and causing blackouts.

I just thought that the music starting at 27:28 and the following scenes were too good to not give someone an idea for turning this into a comedy of man vs nature. Maybe one cour of 3 minute long episodes detailing the exaggerated adventures of a crow patrol? I'm laughing really hard at the prospects. Everyone knows how funny birds can be and how funny it is when humans are outwitted by other animals.

Tell me I'm not the only one who sees potential here
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Posted 1/3/17 , edited 1/4/17
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