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Anime Characters You Want As A Pet/Slave/Concubine?
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Posted 1/11/15

TheAncientOne wrote:

Gafennec wrote:

I don't think I've seen You're Under Arrest available anywhere.

If you mean online, it is available over at The Anime Network (US/Canada only). Typically their episodes labeled "guest" (the first two of the first series, and all of the second and third series) are also available on Hulu: (dubbed) (subtitled) (subtitled)

BTW, I had to remove the italic tags from your message when I quoted it, because using both those and the bold tag was causing the quote to terminate after the title.

hulu also has it. Today I tried for the 20th time to try and watch it. I just can't...
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Posted 4/19/16
op nuked
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