Can I purchase lilpri in a digital format?
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Posted 1/10/15
I we joy watching a lot of anime on Crunchy Roll. It is the best quality and zI like the dubbed versions. There are a few I have purchased either off amazon (or watched because Ian a prime member).

My favorite animes include zUFO Ultra maiden Valkyrie and Moonphase and Shuffle and others too

one of my favorites on crunchy roll is IlPri. I would like to OWnthus one in digital format I have been unable to find it even on DVD it is difficult to find.

I am wondering if anyone knows where I could buys digital version? I don't mind wtching it on crunchy Roll. I think I mostly etch anime here.

I read somewhere that you can purchase and download nines is that specific animes or my that are on crunchy roll. I believe in supporting the industry which usehg I got a membership.

If you know where I can get. A DUGITAL copy of lilpri

Thanks for any help!!

Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/9/17
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