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Posted 1/10/15 , edited 1/11/15
Hello, I'm Blue Oni! The internet felt sorely lacking in reviewers and commentators since it only has enough to populate a small country, so I thought I'd do my part and throw my hat in the ring by contributing a pair of review columns for the Review It! group. The first of these is "First Impressions With Blue Oni", in which I intend to provide my thoughts, insights, and comments on the first 1-3 episodes of an anime series or the first volume of a manga series. The second will be "Azure Analyses", a column in which I will review a work in its entirety. While the primary focus of "Azure Analyses" will also be manga and anime I'm planning to use it to examine anime/manga-related video games from time to time.

I look forward to producing content for your enjoyment and welcome your feedback as I go along.

Now that you have an idea of what I'm here for let's cover some of the technical aspects of my columns with a Q&A.

Q: How often will the columns update?

"First Impressions" will update weekly on Sundays. The schedule for "Azure Analyses", meanwhile, is currently provisionally going to be one review per month and is subject to change based on time spent researching the work, viewing/reading it, composing/proofreading the review, and (of course) life events. Please remember that these columns are free to read and that I'm not writing them professionally. Hugs, kisses, and well-wishes are greatly appreciated, but have historically proven to be surprisingly deficient in nutrients or heat.

Q: How do I submit a request?

Please submit requests by sending me a private message through your Crunchyroll outbox. Be sure to include which column you're submitting a request for, and also to include all series you'd like to have considered in the body of a single message. You're welcome to request as many series as you like in any given message, but please submit no more than one message per week for either column. Consider your requests carefully prior to submitting them, and I'll consider the ones you send carefully as well.

Q: What can I request?

Anime requests are limited to what's available on Crunchyroll, ad-supported content on Hulu/Funimation/Neon Alley (Viz)/YouTube streams, Netflix's streaming library, and what I personally own. I will be updating this Q&A with my library's current contents at a later date. Manga requests, meanwhile, are limited to what's available on Crunchyroll and in my personal library.

Don't lose heart if I don't review something you've requested, because I might one day do so. Just keep on requesting it, it'll tell me how strongly you're interested.

Q: What scoring system will you be using?

I will be offering both individual and overall scores for the works I review. Scores will range from 1-10, with 10 representing the best possible score and 1 representing the worst. Individual scores for anime will include animation/visual effects, writing, characters, illustration, music/sound effects, acting, and personal enjoyment. Manga, meanwhile, will be examined based upon visual effects, illustration, characters, writing, and my personal enjoyment. Video games will be judged based on controls, animation/visual effects, graphics, gameplay, writing, characters, music/sound effects, acting (if applicable), and personal enjoyment.

In any case the overall score will be the average of all the individual scores excluding personal enjoyment.

Q: How can I submit my own comments on an entry you've submitted?

My columns' entries will take the form of individual threads posted within the Review It! forums, so you'll be able to comment simply by posting within any one of those threads. Please keep your commentary relevant to the work being reviewed unless there's some particular reason you need to incorporate secondary subjects into the discussion. Please do not submit commentary via private message or in my Crunchyroll profile's guestbook.

Q: What if my question wasn't covered here?

Go ahead and shoot me a private message with the word "Question" in the subject. I may even add it to this Q&A if it's a big one I've missed.
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