videos being really choppy/framey
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Posted 1/11/15
The past 2-3 months when ever i watch a show it wont load more then 4-8mins then gets framey and choppy i try letting it buffer by pausing it,but itll do it again too.My other sites I use for streaming load fine no issues,internet speed is not the issue too,is this being addressed by crunchyroll at all? I know you guys are busy but I'd love some response thank you!
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Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/11/15
This is normal for Crunchyroll, they only buffer a few seconds at a time and they can't handle the load so quite often the video will lag or stutter.

It's especially bad for popular shows and during the start of a new season, accept it or cancel your subscription because there is no fix for this.

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