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Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/11/15

I really love all Persona Games but this game is very emotional I wonder if they gonna make an Anime or Movie because I love Rei as my favorite character in Persona Q even though She talks about foods all the time but that's what makes her who she is. I hope to get to see her in the next installment of Persona 5 or in the near future.
Posted 1/12/15
This game is next on my wishlist of games. I definitely need to pick this up. Sadly, the copy which includes the Tarot cards are not available.
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Posted 1/14/15
If they want to milk Persona 3-4 there is no reason for them to not like do a OVA or a movie for this, but thats gonna be a long way off.
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Posted 2/16/15
If you haven't seen the announcement yet, there are manga for this game.Not sure if there are any translations though. I loved Zen in this game! He's so adorably clueless and protective!
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