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What determines how many stars you'll give in a review?
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Posted 1/12/15 , edited 1/13/15
5 - I loved it, no outstanding flaws. (Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop)
4 - Really entertaining, but I have noticed some flaws. (Attack on Titan)
3 - Fun but has a lot of issues or isn't creative.(Blade Dance, Log Horizon)
2 - Still watchable, but poorly written, all I can do is pick out flaws while watching the series (Sword Art Online)
1 - Utterly boring and unwatchable. (Shining Hearts, Pretty much any melodramatic Shoujo)
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Posted 1/13/15 , edited 1/13/15
Um, how good is was obviously?
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Posted 1/13/15 , edited 1/14/15
People often vote my reviews down out of spite, but I do have a standard behind my rating of the shows.
Five star is like a five star hotel- it's undeniably great, does most everything well, delighted me in watching it, well written, and will probably go on to be successful in BD/DVD release. A show that will be remembered, and deserves to be.
4 stars- excellent show with a few glaring problems that most of the drooling, uncritical fanbase don't realize they're overlooking. I will point these things out. Problems don't detract from overall being a good show, most problems are of the writing sort or some annoying cliches.
3 stars- This is a little more difficult- either it is a good show that is way overrated and I need to put the brakes on- or it's a really bad show (concept wise and animation wise) that I somehow enjoyed anyway.
2 star I hardly ever use, I mean if the show is crappy and it pissed me off but had some noteworthy features like good animation, solid production credentials etc; or it was at least good enough to get me watching more than three or four episodes...

I only give one star for things I consider absolute trash. I don't make this determination lightly, or use it to piss people off. I'm old enough that with my unfortunate adult sensibility I'm kind of difficult to impress with a cartoon- so if you got anything above three stars you did a Great Job and deserve a trophy. However it's equally difficult to hand me a pile of dog shit dressed up with frosting and convince me it's Haute Cuisine... I'm sorry but I can spot a turd from a mile away and it takes less than five minutes really, to know whether it's going somewhere or it's circling the toilet bowl
I value my time and if you have produced an anime that has wasted it, I show you no mercy.
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Posted 1/13/15 , edited 1/14/15
5 I enjoyed the series, was perfect, had no plotholes and great development, etc...
4 I enjoyed the series and had good development
3 Enjoyed the series but to be fair it was kinda idiotic
2 I would never rate something with 2 stars
1 hated it
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Posted 1/7/17 , edited 1/8/17
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