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Japanese Work Visa
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Posted 3/1/15
I have lived in Japan twice over the last four years. Once was for a year studying abroad in Hokkaido and once teaching English at a major conversation school in Nagoya, which unfortunately got cut short due to illness. Both were great experiences and very different in nature of course. If you get a chance to study abroad over there I recommend doing so 500%!
I majored in Japanese in college and I have no regrets about going that route but I would strongly suggest majoring in something a bit more marketable in the real world and minoring or co-majoring in Japanese as well, if you want to work in a (non-English teaching) Japanese company setting or something later. To get the work visa for teaching I had to have a Bachelor's in anything (as was mentioned above) and since teaching over there was my best plan, I studied Japanese hard so that I would have some ability when I was over there. It served me well when I became ill because the doctors did not necessarily speak English depending on which clinic or hospital I was at. On a positive note tho, I had BIG FUN TIMES at the karaoke and a lot of great memories at concerts, like meeting some of my favorite artists. I made some good friends too. But as an English teacher, I was not only unable to practice using my Japanese during the day, company policy actually forbid me to use it or even let on that I understood it when it was being spoken, or I might lose my job. So I think I actually use Japanese more in my daily life here in my room than I did when I was in Nagoya teaching. Still---- I can be sewing while I watch anime and not miss too much because I don't rely on the subs/ have them switched off.
Sorry if this is rambling but if you have any questions about study abroad or working/interviewing at a large eikaiwa feel free to ask I love Japan and hope I can go back again and again!
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Posted 1/5/17
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