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When I say mini, I mean really short. The shortest of short stories. I wrote this about 4 or so years ago. Enjoy.

Steve never felt so alive. Power, is what he thought, power is what he was feeling. He had never felt this way before. He was stronger than ever and ready to take on the world. How did he get here, Steve wondered as he began to open his eyes. That's when he realized - he was trapped, trapped in a box. He had no idea what happened, he was frightened, he tried to remember how he got there as he began to bash his wooden cell.

He remembered a girl. A cute girl he met at a bar. She was leggy and blonde, and she seemed to throw herself at him. He couldn't remember her name - it was something musical, though. They flirted at the bar and she whispered into Steve's ear, "Let's go someplace more quiet." Her idea of more quiet was the alleyway behind the bar. She began kissing his neck, which led to her nibbling on his neck. It tickled at first - before she handed Steve a flask and said, "Drink, now." Steve drank a sip from the flask - a warm liquid that tasted like iron. That's when the biting got deeper and Steve went black.

He continued to bang on the wooden box and finally busted through the top. As dirt rained into the box, Steve pulled himself out. He shook himself off and looked around - he was in a graveyard, incredibly disoriented, and wearing an awful powder blue suit. That said, he still felt strong, powerful, but never more confused. He looked around, that's when he saw the gravestone behind him. There was his name, there was the date - the day of his bar visit.

Steve remained confused as he thought he saw someone coming towards him. He yelled out, "Hello there," and waved towards them. That's when he got a sudden hunger, an intense hunger that he had never felt before. It was more than a craving, it was a need. Steve needed blood - and he needed it now.

Steve looked up and thought that whoever this was would be the first meal of his new life as whatever he was. That's the last thing Steve remembered as he turned to dust.


As Buffy walked away from the pile of Steve dust she thought to herself, "What a pity, they had to bury him in that terrible suit."
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