Where to Find Rare 80's super robot Series Video Senshi Laserion
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Posted 1/14/15 , edited 1/15/15
Hi I am a big fan of this show that I used to watch as a kid called Video Senshi Laserion,


I never got to watch the ending of this series since It got cancelled halfway on my tv station (in spanish back then)
I have searched all over for this series and it's almost impossible to find.
Does anyone know or would be able to give me any info on where I could find this series anywhere?

I only watched 26 episodes in spanish. and a long time ago, someone sold 18 episodes english dubbed on vcd ebay. I would greatly appreciate any info.

Even if any store online sells it too, I tried places like Cd japan, yesasia, amazon.co.jp and only thing out there is the Soundtrack. feel free to pm me too.

Worse comes to worse, will have to make a trip to Japan someday and get it.
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Posted 1/9/17 , edited 1/9/17
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