Can you find a fantasy series I'll like?
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I'm a cynical 30something who started watching anime at the butt-end of the 80s. My nostalgia goggles are glued to my head. Anime has changed a LOT since then, & I have grown rather picky & tend to not like newer animes, just as parents don't get music their kids listen to. What's changed the most in anime is how women are portrayed, kind of a huge step back in the wrong direction, if you ask me.

*High Fantasy; D&D/LotR inspired, medieval setting, low-tech world, most likely not on Earth as we know it.
*Modern Fantasy: Set on earth in modern times, or crossing into a parallel dimension with magic & monsters.
*Sci-Fantasy: Magic meets technology.
*Game Fantasy: Takes place in a virtual world & contains magic & monsters.

*Comedy or Horror as the primary genre would be a big plus.
*Big fan of aggressive tomboys & demure &/or long-haired bishounens.
*Not a fan of romance, cutsey/crybaby Moe characters, or Panchira (visible panties).
*Big fan of 70s, 80s, & 90s animes. Newer titles will be a hard sell, especially if they're popular.
*Would prefer if the characters were adults instead of school kids, but not mandatory.

1)Please tell me which type of fantasy your suggestions pertain to. ^.^
2)Please explain the plot a little, okay? >_> <_<
3)Feel free to add screencaps. ^_^

High Fantasy examples: Slayers, Gokudo-Kun Manyuki, Orphan Revenge, Bakuretsu Hunter (Sorcerer Hunters), Record of Lodoss Wars, Dragon Half, Houshin Engi.

Modern Fantasy examples: Master of Mosquiton 99, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Goo, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Maze: The Megaburst Space, Hellsing, Now & Then Here & There, Mamono Hunter Youko, Kuroshitsuji. Kyou Kara Maou, Himiko Den, Twilight of the Dark Master, Magic Night Rayearth, Demon City Shinjuku, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Petshopo of Horrors, Devilman, DNAngel, E's Otherwise, Ranma 1/2, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha.

Sci-Fantasy examples: Excel Saga, Photon: The Idiot Adventures, Gintama, Kiseiju, King of Bandit Jing, Kino no Tabi, Eden's Bowy, Hunter x Hunter, Dragonball, Beast King GoLion (Voltron).

Game Fantasy examples: GetBackers (at least in the manga), .hack//(anything), Bastof Syndrome, Magical Play.
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According to ur criteria, this is the perfect anime

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Fantasy/comedy/game setting

An otaku fell into another world, and smashed one of the general with his chair.
Saving a princess in the process. Here's the funny part; the princess is 8 yearsold and has to be married to some foreign prince for allegiance.
The other parts are spoilers so u have to watch it to find out.
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Here's a few series that I really like (also as a 30-something, although I'm newer to anime than you are):

Monogatari Series (starts with Bakemonogatari)
Modern Fantasy/Horror
Summary: Boy has some left-over supernatural abilities because of a recent "interaction" with a vampire; he discovers that a classmate has been cursed, and decides to help her, over her initial objections.
- High School setting. Still, the characters are smart, the dialogue is extremely good, and the art-style is unique. It does wonder into harem territory eventually, and there are some unnecessary camera angles, but the women are all intelligent and strong people who take no sh*t.

Spice and Wolf
High Fantasy (takes place in faux-medieval Europe)
Summary: A Wolf Goddess is the Harvest God for a local village--but they've stopped believing in her as the Church has moved in and farming technology has improved. She convinces a traveling peddler to take her to her ancient homeland.
- Spends a lot of time dealing with trade disputes and church-state issues, but in a medieval feudal setting. Lots of witty repartee between the two leads, and the Goddess is clearly the one who has the peddler on the leash (and not the other way around).

Eureka Seven
Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Futuristic)
Summary: Bored boy is the son of the hero of a recent war, being raised by his mechanic grandfather, when a mysterious (and pretty) girl in a giant robot drops onto his house. She is an acquaintance of one of his personal heroes, and so the boy decides to tag along, only to quickly discover that nothing is what he thought it was: Not his heroes, not the girl, not his family, and not the government.
- Coming of age story that does an excellent job of dealing with the disillusionment that we feel as we mature. Also has an extremely well-told love story, that progresses from puppy love, to "I will protect you", to understanding and appreciating the faults and uniqueness of the other person. Warning: give it a few episodes; the kid starts off kind of a whiny jerk, but he does get better.

Log Horizon
Game Fantasy
Summary: Nerdy support hero, known for his tactical brilliance, finds himself inexplicably stuck in an MMO with a bunch of other players. Society quickly devolves into a Hobbesian mess; so our tactician decides to build a functioning social contract.
- If you can get over the initial suspension of disbelief, you'll find a clever show that tries to actually discuss what makes society tick.

Devil is a Part-Timer
Modern Fantasy/Comedy
Summary: After fleeing a losing battle to the great Hero, Satan and one of his top lieutenants find themselves stuck in present-day Tokyo with little/no access to magical abilities. So Satan does what anyone would do in that situation: he gets a job in the fast-food industry.
- It's mostly silly, but the comedy largely works.

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