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1.Sadly we have the pg-13 crunchyroll regulations... so.... do the other stuff in pm or the groups chatzy (pm for it). But there will probably be alot borderline breaking of it here either way.

2.No God-modding
Don`t contol others characters and decide how they react etc.

3.Wait for the character to get approved before you start rollplaying, it most likely will, but I just wanna make sure that there are no blatant trolls.

4.Nature of death is currently being debated. For the PC:s, it`s the basic "can`t be killed til the owner agrees on it"´, til we have some sort of system for it.

Combat rules:

When combat begins, all roll a D20, the roll order will be whoever has the heightest number, next is whoever has the next highest number then the next and next until everyone is accounted for.

Each individual can only have 6 seconds of 'Action time.' meaning movement and action.

Certain actions take longer than others and certain actions mean you can not move either.

No race has the ability to slow down time. Vampires of example has incredibly fast reflexes and movement capabilities but they do not see the world in slow motion. Races like ghouls are immune to poisons, toxins, and illnesses, goblins are typically tiny and can hide in small places and are quite sneaky, quick of wit and slight of hand. Werewolves in human form are just humans with a shorter temper and faster healing and physical capabilities but not by much, in werewolf form they aim for anything and anyone without hesitation, they had heightened awareness to all their senses and have known to tear anything apart. .

Rules-out of character

1.Be polite
All senses of humor is allowed, just don`t be intentionally mean or disrespectful

2.Don`t judge people

3.Assume Goodwill
Internet tone is easy to misinterpret, hence unless the evidence highly suggests otherwise, take some time to think - could the post you just read be interpreted in a friendlier fashion? Give them the benefit of doubt.

4.Don`t be a grammar-nazi <------Mostly for me...

5.Don`t be afraid to ask anything!

(Rules might be added if I deem it neccesary, but I prefer there to be as little as possible)

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