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Post Reply [Word Star Hip Hop Fights] Sometimes It happens... When Did You Get Involve in a Physical Altercation? How Come?
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Posted 3/24/15
When I was younger a friend of mine worked at a supermarket I shopped at (she was older than me and had a kid). I hadn't met her current BF at the time and had no clue what was going on. I saw him in the parking lot beating her as she sat in the car and her 3 yr old watching it all. I politely asked him WTF he thought he was doing and he of course told me it was none of my business. Trying to handle it "non-violently", in retrospect, I prob shouldn't have compared him to a fixed dog. He started punching me in the face repeatedly. I got in one lucky hit, hard to his throat and he started gagging and coughing up blood. The store security guy was driving by at the time and saw the scene, smiled at me and kept driving. Even though she probably wouldn't have pressed charges, I told him I would unless he walked away and never came back. Unlike a lot of women in the same situation, she dumped him on the spot never looking back and spent more time worrying about her kid than her dating life.
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