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Ukrainian NATO Bid
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Posted 1/18/15 , edited 1/18/15

symphonicecho wrote:

You know that long long list of things the US is doing in Ukraine? That's my point, right there! The US needs to mind its own business and stop meddling in foreign affairs and "police the world." The US doesn't play Switzerland since Woodrow Wilson and WWI and II, so now it must aggressively seek out and mete out justice! Its a big bully!

I'll respect that you feel the US shouldn't involve itself, but this time it's the world asking for US intervention rather than the US playing hero for someone who doesn't want one. Ukraine's government is practically begging for US assistance, particularly President Poroshenko. The question isn't whether the US is interfering where it's not wanted, but rather whether the US should bother to respond to Ukraine's cries for help. It's fine if you don't think the US should respond to those cries (I can understand the perspective that this situation is first and foremost Western Europe's problem), but at least this time US intervention was actually requested.

serifsansserif wrote:

The EU would NEEEEEEEEVER take them. the economic restrictions are just too high.

On the other hand, economically, they might "benefit" from the EU. Turkey was for a while the EU's alternative to China for cheap ass goods, because it wasn't part of the EU (from what I was told), and the labor was super cheap comparative to the EU countries (this was all explained to me because we used to import stuff from France, and a lot of the products, the ones NOT labeled "made in China" had been stamped "made it Turkey".). The ukraine might be a decent source of cheap labor to the EU but members? that's laughable.

Sadly, this is true.
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Posted 1/18/15

BlueOni wrote:

serifsansserif wrote:

ooog. not going to read through ALL the comments before posting, so it may have been covered. I just want to say my little bit first.

NATO isn' just a military treaty, but also an economic one if memory serves me correctly. NATO members tend to trade favorably with other members. This adds to the complexity of whether or not the Ukraine is really a favorable member for the rest of the group. For the most part, again, trying to remember this stuff as NATO hasn't come up in YEARS, (it was big for me when I was a kid because guess what? I remember the Berlin wall falling, and the end of the USSR, Since then, not too much). I mean, Putin is crazy, and he wants to resolidify the old scythe and hammer, so the Ukraine is of course important to him (personally and his political agenda), but the US and Europe....

I mean it's like our meddling in the middle east. We armed and trained Al Queda to combat the Russians, What happened? came back to bite us in the ass. We meddled in creating Israel. What happened? Nothing but unending conflict. And both end up costing us an arm and a leg in reparations and wars, and rebuilding, and foreign aid...

I agree with the first page poster that said either way, it's NOT going to benefit the Ukraine. And the economic disparity between the other nations and it isn't going to help. It's like why some European nations are not allowed into the EU. I honestly think we'd benefit more for sitting this one out, waiting for russia to invade (or whatever) and THEN "rescuing" Ukraine. As horrific as it is, I also feel to do otherwise will only do more damage to cast us as the enemies.

You're thinking of Article 2, which states that members will seek to eliminate conflicts in their international economic policies and encourages increased economic cooperation between them. There used to be a committee specifically for handling economic collaboration between members, but that committee has been dissolved and its function has since been spread out across other committees. I'll amend my OP to reflect this for the sake of completeness of information.

Ahhh... Thanks!
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Posted 1/15/17
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