Advice for Someone New to Manga?
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Posted 1/16/15 , edited 1/16/15
I am new to manga. I casually read it a long time ago but I am reading some newer ones now. I am not really sure how to go about finding manga I like in the same way I know how to find anime I like. What are some genre indicators? Key phrases to watch out for?

Right now I am enjoying Flowers of Evil and Inside Mari. I found an artist and stuck with her. But I am starting to expand with Uzumaki.... I like an artstyle but what if it makes me pigeon holed never to explore anything without that art style?

Would reading the manga of anime I enjoy be a good place to start or a terrible place because it will ruin things I like and they will already be spoiled or...?

Where is the best place to read manga?
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Posted 1/16/15 , edited 1/18/15
1) Most anime interpretations of manga are pretty faithful, but very few of them take the story to its conclusion. So if you like the anime, there is a very good chance that you'll like the manga even more. In fact, most modern anime based on manga are never intended to reach the full conclusion of the story: they are almost like teasers intended to get you to buy the manga.

The biggest exception there is if both the manga and anime are based on something else: a Visual Novel or Light Novel, for instance. In that case, there will often be some divergence between the anime and manga, as they are each interpreting the source material differently.

The other exception is older shows: manga like Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, and MahoRomantic were all changed significantly when adapted into anime (although FMA did get a more faithful adaptation later in FMA: Brotherhood).

2) Starting with a mangaka you like, and expanding out from there, is a perfectly fine way to explore the wide-world of manga. Don't worry about pigeon-holing yourself; there is so much manga out there that you can't possibly read it all anyway (and let's be honest, a lot of it isn't very good). So if you've found yourself a corner of that world that you enjoy, then by all means, explore that corner fully.

Also, both Anime News Network, MyAnimeList, and all have "similar titles" features. If you like a manga, look it up on those places and you can get an idea about other, similar, manga.

3) Personally, I try to read things on CR when I can find them; I really like the CR manga app. There are a few other apps that have legal access to simulpub manga, and some of them have a few okay things on them, but I've not found one I really like.

An increasing number of manga are available in bookstores, on Amazon, and even for purchase for e-readers. If you find a series that you really like, I would encourage you to buy it.

Otherwise, you'll end up doing what most of us are forced to do: use fan-sub sites, or going directly to the scantalators (that is, the fan-groups that are translating these things). I won't tell you which ones to use, but I would steer away from anything with too many ads. Find places that do it because they love it, not because they are trying to sell you something.
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