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Posted 1/17/15 , edited 1/17/15
This will show available characters to use for the RP. They may be used to interact with your own character. NPCs will be categorized by occupation. Members may add to the list available to use in the RP.

What you can do with them-

✓Talk to them
✓Buy from them
✓Sell to them (If merchant)
*Fight them
**Give them an action to interact with other NPCs or yourself

*You can only kill NPCs with Killable: enabled.
**If the action is combat related, the NPC itself must be Combat: enabled. Also, certain NPCs cannot be killed by other NPCs and will have Killable: player only.

What you cannot do with them-

✖︎Attack another player's character
✖︎Attack an NPC with Killable: player only.
✖︎Use them to make yourself god-like.
✖︎***Use them as decoy to make your escape.

***You can however use them to make an enemy defenseless so you can get a strike in.

To create a new NPC character, please follow the format listed below. NPCs that have been approved will be put with the rest of the NPCs or in a new post depending if the occupation was previously not there.

NPC Form

Rune (If any):
Weapon/Armor (If any):
Additional Info (If any):

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Posted 1/17/15 , edited 1/18/15

Name: Horace
Occupation: Mercenary
Race: Human
Weapon: Axe and Light Machine Gun
•Close Combat
•Powerhouse-strong enough to just carry both weapons and enough ammunition to go for 1 hour firing repeatedly.
Bio: A man with immense strength for a human. Will basically take any mission to take down foes. Best to have this person on your side rather than as a pursuer. He is the tank squad leader in the human rebel army. Though that's just human tanks. Not actual tanks in the squad.
Combat: enabled
Killable: player only

Name: Jin
Occupation: Government Assassin
Race: Rune
Rune: fast hands- allows full disposal of the hands, allowing the shape to be transformed into anything the person can think of, but the shape is lost if the user breaks concentration.
Weapons: Runic Weapons
•Sniping (pistols and snipers)
•ranged weaponry
•Superb Strategic Placement
Bio: A Rune user who finds killing the best way to kill time. With executions and such, there's plenty of opportunity as well. He is frighteningly good at tracking people once he has a target in sight, but he still has orders to stay away from certain areas. The government knows of his absolute destruction of buildings. Especially with a bow that shoots explosives.
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Posted 1/17/15

Name: Hooded Figure
Occupation: Merchant
Race: Unknown
•Finding rare items
•Tricking people into buying common items
•Suddenly disappearing
Bio: Not much is known about this mysterious merchant other than that there's the problem of scams. He's completely unpredictable in what he gives you, and there's also the problem of contacting him.
Combat: disabled
Killable: no
Contact: must be summoned (ask mod or creator if you want to summon this NPC)
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