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Stereotypes that get on your nerves.
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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15

HimitsuNamae wrote:

Although im neither of these, i hate how people interpret Gay = flamboyant (like OP said) and islamic = radical. It seems like in America you can just assume these things to be true and it annnooyyys me.

true, and I hate it when some of the gay community acts out the stereotypes for the sake of doing so....

Kinda reminds me of a friend of a friend that came out a number of years back. In her own worsds she said,that when she did, she tried to act up the stereotypical "ultra feminine lesbian" thinking that was what she was supposed do. Didn't work. So she went the opposite extreme, and tried to be masculine. Didn't fit either. SHe ended up settling on being herself and all worked out.

Also not a huge fan of the "I'm a lesbian because I have issues with men" or "I'm a lesbian because it's cool". Know a few of both of those kinds. One girl, love her to death, was straight, then bi for 2-3 years, then a lesbian for another 2-3, and now.. I dunno, bu she's committed to her boyfriend for the past few years. (and honestly, it doesn't matter, I'll take what she says at face value, but it kinda feels like you're either just trying to be cool and think being gay is somehow the way to do it, or you're very, very, very confused...)
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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15
Probably if you're Muslim then you're a terrorist. It disgusts me how people act if you have a hijab on.
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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15
White people are allergic to work on fast food restaurants.
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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15

but being from california:
no i do not know drake or any other celebrity
i've never been in a movie
no i can not get YOU into movies
YES i smoke weed
i do not surf
i do not live in hollywood
it snows in the mountains out here
it's not all blondes with breast implants
& no habla espanol

lol, I love that list, especially the last one

speaking of which, I got the following when I was living in Alabama:

you're Asian right? how come you don't speak Chinese?
you're a Filipino? that means you cook that bomb chicken and noodles right? (referring to adobo and pansit)
you're from California? that means you're a freak right? (normal response is a swift kick to the shins)
you're from So-cal? do you live in San Diego or LA? (I live in a desert near the border, few hours away from both cities)
what do you mean you don't live in SD or LA?
are all Cali girls there made of plastic? (DAFUQ?!?!?!)

and the best one:
how come you don't speak Spanish? you live near the border don't you?

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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15
And yet I keep waiting on the world to change. Looks like I'm gonna have to wait even longer.
Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15

onibrotonel wrote:

White people are allergic to work on fast food restaurants.

it's called management potential ^^
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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15
As a gay otaku/gamer I always get many stereotypes a.k.a. unrealistic expectations this is my top 15:

1) I supposed to be some kind of obnoxious stereotype that talks about sex constantly with everyone. I'm not a sex addict, thanks, and even if I was, I doubt I was going to give details to everyone. You don’t see me asking you what kind of sex you enjoy your wife/girlfriend (not my business) so…

2) I supposed to be a free therapist for everyone. Meaning: "I don't hate you; therefore you should thank me and listen to all my personal problems without complaining because I said so".

3) I supposed to hate Southerners. I DON'T, I'm married to one. I often feel more comfortable among Southerners and straight people that among other gay people. Most Southerners I met were honest, hard-working folks that were nice and polite with me. Are there some rotten apples out there? Sure, but there are rotten apples everywhere. You can’t fix a stereotype with another one.

4) I supposed to hate sports. I DON’T. I like soccer more than other sports but I do like sports.

5) I supposed to help your girlfriend look better because you know? I know about fashion. I DON'T. Sorry, I have no idea about expensive clothes or fashion. 99% of my t-shirts are just otaku/gamer-friendly t-shirts. If I have money I will invested in some manga, anime or video games not in expensive shoes.

6) I supposed to enjoy the same music that 12 years old girls enjoy. I DON’T. If you like that type of music, good for you but it’s annoying when people assume which type of music I like.

7) I supposed to hate religion or religious people. I DON’T. Faith is important for many people in my life. Not all religious people are fanatics, not all fanatics are religious. It really annoys me when people assume I know nothing about religion just because.

8) I supposed to listen what people think about homosexuality constantly. I always try to be polite but you don’t see me going to an obese person and telling them my opinion about obesity in the United States so… Why people think that’s an ok thing to do?

9) I supposed to like, know, love and care about any homosexual that ever existed. Not really, equality doesn’t mean “better than” it means “equal than”. The same way that I don’t want people to assume I’m a monster before they meet me, I don’t want people to assume I’m a good person before they meet me. I met many gay people that weren’t nice people and quite cruel with others.

10) I supposed to only care about injustice as long is against homosexuals. I do care about injustice no matter who is the victim. I care about racism and domestic violence for example, even though I haven’t been the victim of it.

11) I supposed to have a secret agenda. I DON’T HAVE ONE. They idea that all homosexuals enjoy exactly the same things and are trying to accomplish the same objectives in their personal lives like some kind of mindless zombies is so absurd that doesn’t even offend me. It makes me laugh. It’s as absurd as assuming that people are good/bad at sports because of the color of their skin.

12) I supposed to “recruit” people. I DON’T. Nobody can convince you to do something that you don’t want to do just by talking to you. If you are afraid that someone can “convince you to be gay” you are already gay or at least bisexual. Remember being in the closet still counts as gay. I watched straight people having relationships since I remember, that didn’t make me heterosexual. Sexuality is not a club that you can join online. That’s like saying that watching “Grey’s Anatomy” can make you a Doctor.

13) I supposed to be a hardcore left wing. I’M NOT. Again, people are assuming before even they talk to me. If you want to have an intelligent discussion about politics, we can do that. If just want to insult people, I’m not your guy.

14) I supposed to drink fancy cocktails. I can drink alcohol like any other adult. The idea that you assume I drink appletinis just because you watched a Hollywood movie is quite annoying.

15) I supposed to be a vegetarian. Again, if you are vegetarian by choice good for you but assuming that you know my personal taste regarding nutrition without knowing me is annoying.

And… that’s my top 15. I hope people didn’t fall sleep reading this ^~^. Also, English is not my first language so my apologies for the typos. Have fun!
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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15
All stereotypes are annoying at some point.

Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15
Me personally, the lists of peeves I have with stereotypes include:
- All farmers are hicks and like country music exclusively (I can't stand the genre)
- All girls have no place in the video game industry (I don't care who makes what, as long as the final product is well made. Other than that I don't care)
- WTF Japan (Every country has their oddities)
- Because you don't like that is mainstream, that makes you a hipster (So, just because I won't wear skinny jeans or I like to listen to Miles Davis and Mr. Bungle I'm instantly a hipster? Really?)
- Canadians are nice (yes, but there are a lot of jerks in the mix like every other nation)
- All skateboarders are juvenile delinquents (Some are, some aren't)
- All hip-hop music is all misogynistic and violent (Listen to A Tribe Called Quest's "Low End Theory", MC Lyte's "Lyte Like a Rock", and Madvillian's "Madvilliany")
- All musicians have a drug dependance (Frank Zappa, Henry Rollins, and the band Between the Buried and Me were/are not drug users)
- Kids these days are ruining everything (It's a statement that every old person says about the kids, no matter the decade)

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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/19/15

MissMagicNoodles wrote:

Okay... Coming from the South, I hear lots of stereotypes about us. "Hey... I heard you're from Louisiana... Are you a redneck? Do you like crawfish? You know Cajuns are nothing but white-trash, right? Are you finished eating your alligator? Do you eat road-kill? Do you eat possum? What about armadillo? Did you live on a farm? Well, what about in a swamp? What's your IQ? Do you hate gays? What about black people? Asians? Mexicans? Show me your teeth. Do you take a bath everyday? Do you have a farmers tan? Do you hunt? What about fishing? WOW! You have shoes! I'm amazed! Do you own a gun? Did you live in a trailer park? " And many MANY more. Jeez. I don't know what your problem is, but god, we're not all like that.

Other stereotypes:

Being white translates into being racist.

Being straight translates into being homophobic.

Loving anime translates into either being a pervert or a weeaboo.

(According to the internet) Being a girl translates into being dumb and knowing how to cook very well.

Anime translates into one of the three: Cartoons, Kid's cartoons, or porn.

Being a homestuck fan translates into being annoying.

Liking Tumblr also translates into being annoying.

No instagram? Well, then you're not cool.

Having ADD translates into being stupid and zoning out often.

Want to learn Japanese because of anime? Well, then you must be a weeaboo!

Cats are evil... For some reason.

Disney movies are for little kids.

So is Pokemon.

Add Nintendo games to that list too.

All people who like rock music are goth/emo/punk.

Hetalia fans only like it for the yaoi shippings.

All gays like girl things, or vice versa.

That's about all the stereotypes I could think of.

So what are some stereotypes that get on your nerves?

I do like crawfish .
I have eaten alligator.
I've eaten venison that has been hit by a car.
I haven't eaten possum but I have had guinea pig soup.
I can't eat an armadillo they're my favourite animal.
I grew up on a farm.
I've lived near a swamp.
My IQ is 126 according to an inaccurate free online test.
I don't hate gays. My hairdresser gets my hair perfect every-time and has very good taste in clothing for me since I have none.
I have friends from multiple cultural backgrounds, and am partially Japanese myself.
I have pretty fucked up teeth, because of years of martial arts and military training.
I shower daily. I hate going for more than a day without one.
I had a farmers tan when I worked on a ranch when I was 17.
I have white friends that take me hunting twice a year, it's a family tradition.
I love to fish.
Shoes, I have about 4 pairs.
And finally yes, I own a 9mm handgun.

I'm not from the southern USA, i'm from west coast Canada and I get asked these because I live on a farm and look more white than asian lol. Those aren't only in the south xP stereotypes are everywhere.

The one that bothers me most is when I get asked if I am able to drive or not because I am asian... My vision is flawless, reflexes are normal according to my physician, and yes it is true that asians actually have slightly less peripheral vision than Gweilo but it's to a degree that does not effect anything.
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Posted 3/21/15 , edited 3/22/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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