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Post Reply why did everyone want to escape from sword art online
Posted 1/21/15

DeadlyOats wrote:

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

They had families? Black Cats Leader committed suicide after learning what happened to his friends.

These were his real life classmates. Not just friends he'd made in game. He probably couldn't handle possibly going back to the real world alone. Or perhaps with the death of all of his very best friends - all within a very few moments - was more than he could handle.

I knew that. Friends was an appropriate term.
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Posted 1/21/15
People always want what they can't have.

My thought is that being stuck in game hit everyone with the shock that they will never see their loved ones again.
After all they literally are leaving every aspect of their lives behind and have been trapped in a world that is literally out to kill them.
I don't know about you, but I would take my average life over a world where I have to start all over and where making a living puts your life on the line.
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