Anime About Couple In A Relationship
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Posted 1/18/15 , edited 1/19/15
Warning: there will necessarily be minor spoilers in this thread. Sorry.

Most romance anime either ends with a mutual declaration of love (in the last or penultimate episode; see Maid-Sama, Toradora, Angel Beats, etc.), or doesn't even get that far.

But there are a small number of shows I've seen that actually deal with two people in an actual relationship--and it's those that I'm most interested in. So, I was hoping for suggestions.

Here's a list of all the anime I've seen that carry the story substantially past the "I love you too" moment. If anyone can add to this list, I would be grateful. (Note: I'm not really into Yaoi or Yuri.)

Ah My Goddess
Ai Yori Aoshi
Aishiteruze Baby
Amagami SS (omnibus; most have at least a few episodes past when they are dating)
Arakawa Under the Bridge (I'll call that a romantic relationship.)
Eureka Seven
Familiar of Zero
Golden Time
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying (short form)
Itazaru na Kiss
Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances
Little Busters (sort of...)
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
MahoRomantic (eventually...)
Maoyu (I'll call this a romantic relationship too, I suppose.)
Monogatari Series (Bakemonogatari, etc.)
Mysterious Girlfriend X (not that the relationship goes anywhere)
Please Teacher!
Sword Art Online
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