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Do you want a season 3 of Free!? (and other random Free! polls)
Posted 3/23/15

Zoraprime wrote:

I'm somewhere between "yes" and "I don't care" camp. I watched the first two seasons with my significant other, and I enjoyed them. First season was mostly an awkward "fun garbage" ordeal--we enjoyed it, but whether or not I'd actually call it good is another story. Second season was solid, mostly because it improved on the first season in almost every way then one. But in the end, it's a I can "take it or leave it" deal--if it happens, yeah, I'll watch it; if it doesn't happen, oh well, can't say I would mine.

As for the other polls.

- Preferred season 2; just seemed better written all around.
- Regisa is probably my favorite shipping, but Haruka x Makoto is up there.
- Makoto has best body.
- HaruMako>HaruRin. Rin was mostly a jerk in season 1, and it wasn't until season 2 were there many feels.
- Best HaruMako moment was towel. It was so random and funny and just seemed like blantant teasing but I loved it
- HaruRin's best moment was sharing a bed, mostly for the same reason.

omg, you're the first to answer all the polls lol.... thanks for answering, enjoyed reading the answers. didn't expect anyone to answer them all xD

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Posted 3/28/15
is FREE an anime title?
Posted 3/28/15 , edited 3/28/15

ErnieBC19821982 wrote:

is FREE an anime title?


The full title is Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.

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Posted 5/27/16
op nuked. locked
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