MrAndMrsGamer, SpoilerAlertPodast & AMVs! (And the blog)
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Hello all!

So I want to share with you guys mine and my boyfriend's collaboration channels and blog. Here's some information on them!


MrAndMrsGamer is the first channel we ever made back in 2011. Originally, we uploaded a lot of Call of Duty gameplays/commentaries because that was what we were into at the time. We eventually moved onto other games like FFXIV A Realm Reborn, Hearthstone and more!

Here's some of the types of videos you'll find on this channel:
1. Gameplay commentary - usually a CoD or Destiny gameplay with me commentating over it
2. MRvMRS - this is where we play video games against each other
3. Let's Plays - we don't have many or any finished ones of these but they are there
4. Couple Co-Op - games where we do the co-ops
5. Highlights - from livestreams, gaming sessions or old videos

Link to MrAndMrsGamer:


SpoilerAlertPodcast is our second channel where we and a guest or two talk about the latest episodes in anime. Usually our guests are other anime YouTubers. While the podcast is our main show, we don't do as much because of how much time it takes so we have other videos as well.

Here's some of the types of videos you'll find on this channel:
1. Spoiler Alert Podcast - podcast where we talk about the latest episodes in anime
2. AniVlog - vlogs about random anime topics as well as unboxing videos. Mostly done by me.
3. Anime Recommendations - we recommend currently airing series (at the time of recording)
4. Convention Videos - random convention clips put together for awesome memories
5. Derailed! - segment where we both talk about random anime stuff

Link to SpoilerAlertPodcast:

Both of these channels are partnered with Maker :)


This is our AMV channel. We've been editing AMVs for almost 10 years and recently we decided to just create a new channel for both of our work. So far we've done one collaboration video and a few short videos here and there since the creation of this channel

Link to SpoilerAlertAMV:

RayAndSheena Wordpress Blog

Lastly, I want to share our blog. This blog contains posts for our YouTube videos from all 3 channels. We also have anime and gaming related posts. Topics are random and they are things we'd rather put into a blog than make videos of because of either the complexity of the topic or just pure laziness of editing the video together

Link to the blog:

Anyways that's all I have to share. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter (@SheeGee) if you have any questions. 'm really active on there. Also feel free to leave any feedback. Those are very welcomed
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