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Posted 1/19/15 , edited 1/22/15
Hello, if you're reading this it likely means that you're planning to write a review for our club. Before doing so please read the following guidelines to help keep the forum clutter-free.

- Before writing your review, please use the search function, or check the pages for a list of each of title that has been reviewed in our group

- If someone hasn't already written a review for said anime/manga, you may proceed to write yours. In the event that someone has already written a review, you may still write yours, but instead of starting a new thread, simply write your review in the existing thread; ex: If you're writing a review for Sailor Moon, but some has already written it, simply click on their review and post yours under the preexisting one(s).

- When writing a review, please do as follows;
Click "New Topic" and use the following format for the title - [Anime/Manga] [Series/Movie(not required for Manga)]Name of series/movie.
example: [Anime] [Series] Toradora / [Manga] Toradora / [Anime] [Movie] Spirited Away

- If a series/movie has an anime adaptation and a manga adaptation, write reviews in separate topics.
example: If I'm writing a review for the Toradora Anime, I would title it as follows; [Anime] [Series] Toradora.
If I decide to write a review for the manga as well, I would make a separate topic titled; [Manga] Toradora.

- If you have a question or comment you would like to make on or about someones review, please send it to them via message rather than commenting on it directly. All non-review comments will be removed to keep clutter to a minimum.

- Please try to keep reviews PG-13 and under.

- If the anime/manga is on Crunchyroll, please provide a link to it at the beginning or end of your review. If it isn't on Cruncyroll, a Wikipedia would be nice, but is not required. You may also provide an Amazon, eBay, or other purchase link of you'd like

- I understand that many people like to write reviews on simulcasting/pub anime and manga, but please refrain from posting reviews that don't meet the following requirements;

If the anime is currently simulcasting, refrain from writing a review until at least 10 episodes have been release. This does not apply to completed anime that ran for less than 10 episodes, ex: FLCL/Rin/etc.

If the manga is currently simulpubing, refrain from writing a review until at least 5 chapters have been released. This does not apply to completed manga that ran for less than 5 chapters. (I don't have any examples for this)

If these guidelines are not followed, you will either receive a warning, have the review in question deleted, or lose your right to post in our forum depending upon the severity.

As a community lets all get along. Any harassment will absolutely NOT be tolerated!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Now that you've taken the time to understand our guidelines, please enjoy your time in our club!
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