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20 / M / The land of Vikin...
Posted 1/20/15 , edited 1/20/15

1. No god-modding
Don`t contol others characters and decide how they react etc.

2. Keep it moderately pg-13

~Out of character~
1. Don`t be a douche
All senses of humor is allowed, just don`t be intentionally disrespectful or mean to others

2.Assume Goodwill
Internet tone is easy to misinterpret, hence unless the evidence highly suggests otherwise, take some time to think - could the post you just read be interpreted in a friendlier fashion? Give them the benefit of doubt.

Rule X.Have fun!-sentance for breaking it: the death penalty D:

Sidenote: I may add or change rules if I deem it neccessary
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