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Posted 1/20/15
CYOAs or Choose-Your-Own Adventures, are traditionally understood as game books or interactive fiction, but that's not all there is to them. There are a number of CYOA images and .pdfs designed to be played over the internet, and these are the kind that I'm making this thread about.

Most of them follow a pretty similar format: you're given a number of points to spend on various boons, or asked to pick from a series of options. Some of them also include more gameplay elements, such as dice rolling and an objective or plot.

To play, all you do is post your response to a CYOA and explain why you made the choices you did, comment on others' choices, and occasionally write up some fiction or roleplay with the characters that have been created.

I'll start us off with two CYOAs, one is fairly simple, with no real gameplay elements, while the other has some light gameplay elements and incentives towards cooperation, planning, or conflict with other players.

For the first, I'd go with A Seeker's Curiosity, primarily for the teleportation powers. Money should become pretty easy to get with the ability to divine the fortunes of particular investments and occasionally see the future. Obviously not going to be much of a fighter, but I should be able to escape any threats on my life (except, obviously, for a surprise attack by someone with A Killer's Aim).

For the second, I'll opt to take 6 points since it's statistically the highest average I'm going to get and it's all I need to set up what I want.

2 points to unlock all categories, 4 points to get the Major Power Generation ability from the Other category. I plan on always having one of the 3 secondary powers be Power Generation, one other will usually be Probability Manipulation, and the third will rotate as needed. One of the tertiary powers will always be Teleportation, one will usually be Danger Sense, and the third will rotate as needed (though I imagine Power Gifting will show up here frequently).

Basically I envision myself as primarily focused on building and rallying forces for the coming invasion of monstrously powerful supers. One thing I can bring to the table for everyone is power enhancement, and while I'm not the best at anything, pretty much any sort of administrative and organizational work can be foisted onto me and then dealt with through the use of secondary and tertiary mental powers, and I can create a staff of very smart or dedicated people through the use of Power Gifting very quickly.

In a straight up fight I'm probably not going to be able to brute force any opponent I come across, and for anyone who has access to power nullification I'm nothing more than a regular guy. Thing is, I don't plan on making enemies, and I won't be policing the streets to stop people who use their power criminally. I shouldn't personally need to stoop to that, given my access to mental powers that make legitimate business more profitable, but as long as you're not threatening our planet's ability to resist the invading supers, I'm not going to mess with you.

Lastly, I'd go by Draft.
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Posted 12/25/16
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