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Posted 1/20/15 , edited 1/24/15
Frigate~ favored by merchants, the Frigate is the most reliable when it comes to delivering goods and has decent speed and navigation. this ship is not armed but has heavy shields. it would be wise for a merchant to hire some fighters or interceptors for safe escort. can hold 12 humanoids

Interceptor~ a good all around ship it durable and fast, is armed and has medium shields. can hold 5 humanoids

Fighters~ fighters are the most commonly used ships in the Half Moon Isles, they have the fastest speed and maneuverability, but light weapons and shields. holds one humanoid

Tempest~ favored by many bounty hunters, the Tempest is more useful within an atmosphere than in space, it is far more faster and maneuverable because of how it vectors air from both its wings. the ship has heavy and light weapons and can hold 5 humanoids

Damocles~the Damocles is a cargo ship with no weapons but has shields. can hold 100 humanoids.

Triceratops~ the Triceratops is a heavily armed ship favored by any who travel with a large party doing dangerous jobs. it has heavy shields medium speed and maneuverability.can hold 12 humanoids

HERC~ The HERC is issued to ranking Rangers because of its top of the line weapons and speed it is as maneuverable as a fighter and can pack a heavier punch than a triceratops. it also has a built-in cloaking device. this ship is a pirates nightmare. and can hold 7 humanoids

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