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Posted 1/20/15 , edited 1/21/15
Things are looking up in the world of Gintama... content wise that is, the anime is returning in April, and doing the math, there could be nearly as many episodes as the series's original's run, which would be outstanding.

On to the manga, so good! In what looked like a possible end to the manga, due to the latest arc being so epically massive, it did not in fact conclude at all, and continues on with new possibilities! Speaking of the latest manga story, gut punch after monster sized gut punch. The Shogun is dead, sadness, and now Matsudaira and Kondou sentenced to death after a sentimental moment! The Shinsengumi disbanded! How can this be!

FYI, the real Kondō Isami of the Shinsengumi was executed by the new government, so the similarities are unnerving, and I hope our Kondo doesn't follow the same fate.

Lets think happy thoughts and look at this lovely cover and rejoice! That's the Gintama we all know and love!
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Posted 1/21/15 , edited 1/21/15
In regards to the anime, I REALLY do hope it has at least one years' worth of episodes and not simply reruns and stuff. They can jz blab their way through, with still frames talking nonsense like they always do and I would like every minute of it!! XD

As for the manga, man is this getting more intense by the second??!!!!! I was plain shocked and sad when I saw the last page of it...
Plzzzz dun follow the real course of history, GORILLA SENSSSEEEIIIIIII!!!!
If any of those lovable characters die, I swear I'll $&@$)&@..

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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/26/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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