Katsucon's Formal Ball Partners!
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I am a first time Katsucon attendee (not new to con's) and noticed a certain event on the website! The Formal Ball!

I'm making this thread for anyone to say they have interest in this and for people to be encouraged to bring their suit/dress (ect --- can be formal attire from an anime!). Social dancing is fun! It would be nice for people to enjoy the full convention and so --- the elephant in the room would be this event.

I'll note that I sent an email to the organizers and they have yet to determine which day the Ball will take place, but it is usually on the Friday of the convention (13th).


Just my take:
In my later years of college I always wanted to take Ballroom dancing, but all of my best gal friends didn't want to waste a credit on it (and I obviously was discouraged on signing up on my own - plus we all had full science course schedules :3).

Even if no one wants to join up as a group thing, I will go and just depend on my charm! Oh, I'll mention I have a RL friend going to Katsucon, but she doesn't have a dress. Trying to form a group for the ball is separate from the rest of the convention (I'm mostly doing my own thing away from her as well). There isn't romantic expectations from my side, I just want to dance the waltz! Oh, but making friends is a great benefit to this. Dancing with multiple people is most fun for these!

That's all, my profile describes who I am best. Hopefully there is a bit of interest!
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