Can someone make me an avii?
Posted 1/21/15 , edited 1/22/15
I've been looking for a group that makes aviis but haven't been able to find one that is still up an working.
If anyone could make me one that would be awesome!

What I'd like somewhere on it.

I speak the world

Any one of these pics. If these don't work feel free to be creative :)
Posted 1/22/15 , edited 1/22/15
I cant edit but, I go to groups for them.
I suggest this group ^^
they are still active and have good moderators !
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Posted 1/22/15 , edited 1/22/15

were you talking about something like this??
Posted 2/4/15 , edited 2/5/15
Yes thank you so much! its awesome!
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