Rhapsody of the Darkness
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Chapter one- Created beauty

A loud ticking echoed through the air. A young English girl with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes opened her eyes to see that she was sitting in a large, empty white room. A tall man with short black hair and black eyes stood in-front of her. She quickly shuffled backwards, bumping into the wall. "W-Where is this?" she panicked, looking around. "Just a little dimension I made," he informed. She suddenly remembered that he had kidnapped her when she was walking home from the bus stop after college. "Y-You kidnapped me," she mumbled. "So you are her then if you remember," he added. "W-What do you mean?" she mumbled. "Anyone else would of forgotten that through my powers which can control people's thoughts, well everyone besides the Shinigami princess," he stated. "I-I don't know what your talking about," she mumbled, quickly standing up and moving backwards. "You will," he grinned, pulling a blade out of his back pocket. "Let me go," she mumbled, stepping backwards. "Maybe after the seal comes of," he grinned, rushing forwards. She quickly dodged out of the way, barely missing the blade. THUD. "You fall over to easy," he grinned, kicking her back down. "I need to do something," she mumbled, moving out of the way as he went to punch her. He gripped onto her arm, pushing her against the wall. The blade shot through her arm. She flinched as pain rushed through her. "Your weaker like this then I thought," the demon grinned. "P-Please... let me go," she cried, flinching as he pulled the blade out of her arm. He grinned before aiming it towards her shoulder.

Before the blade could touch her, a Japanese boy with short dark blue hair wearing jeans, a short sleeved white t-shirt and an army styled camouflaged jacket kicked the demon backwards."I'm Lau, from the supernatural defense corporation," he introduced, holding up a badge with a half white and half black star in the middle. "Supernatural?" she mumbled. "Whats your name?" Lau asked. "Y-Yuki," she blushed. Blades suddenly shot towards him. Lau kicked the demon to the ground before dodging them. Yuki's eyes slowly started glowing. "K-Kid!" Lau panicked. A white light shot out. "It's happening," the demon grinned.

The light slowly faded.Standing there was a young, cute Japanese girl with a baby face and pure white hair that was curled and split in half by two pink hair-ties in high twin tails , causing it to reach just above her waist was walking in the snow. Her height was 155 cm tall. A full fringe covered her forehead, laying just above her eyes. Her right eye was violet and her left eye was pastel pink. "Are you okay?" he asked, crouching down in-front of her. "I think so, what happened?" she mumbled. "Your seal came off," Lau informed. "Seal?" she mumbled, looking down at her pure white hair. "Now its time to kill you for real this time," the demon snickered, pulling a kitchen knife out of his pocket. Lau pushed Yuki behind him.

Bats shot out of the ground as a tall Japanese man with short black hair appeared. His sharp jaw lines stood out. His eyes were bright red. "I'm so sorry," the demon begged, bowing on his head. "You tried to kill me daughter and you think an apology is enough?" the man coldly hissed. "Daughter?" Yuki repeated. "Princess, stay behind me," Lau interrupted. The man glanced around at them. "I-I just thought with her out of the picture that means your the only strongest being in the world," the demon whimpered. "Not good enough," hissed the man, clicking his fingers. Lau quickly covered Yuki's eyes. "Trust me," he whispered. Bats suddenly covered the demon who started screaming, causing Yuki to flinch. Half a minute later the screaming stopped as blood fell to the ground. The body of the demon no longer there. Lau slowly moved his arms away from her eyes. "We need to get out of here, you too demon," the man informed. "Demon?" Yuki mumbled, looking up at Lau. "Not all demons are bad," he added. A long mirror appeared in-front of them. "Just follow," the man informed before stepping through. "H-He disappeared," she mumbled. Lau placed his hands on her shoulders. As she stepped through she appeared in a purple decorated living room. "I'm home?" she mumbled, looking around.

"I should probably explain this situation to you," the man informed, watching her nod. "My name is Hiyoshi, although many people know me by different names one of these is Lucifer," he stated. "The devil....?" Yuki mumbled. "That is correct and also-" Hiyoshi started, being interrupted by a English woman with light brown hair up to her shoulders walking into the room. "Hiro, what are you doing here? you promised to put the seal on her and leave her alone," the lady moaned. "Mum?" Yuki mumbled, looking up at her. "I thought you said that the seal wouldn't came of," the lady complained. "Well she took it off herself in order to protect her from a demon," Hiyoshi continued. "Whats happening?" Yuki mumbled, looking up at Lau who sighed. "The devil is you father, he put a spell on you to hide any evidence of you including even changing your appearance and name. Yuki is your real name however you started calling yourself it anyway," Lau sighed. "Right, that's true. You also are a Shinigami, if you know what one is," he commented. "A god of death?" Yuki mumbled. "So your aware of some Japanese mythology," he added, watching her nod. "And music, and fashion and other stuff if you don't realize ," her mum complained, glancing at the pastel pink seifuku Yuki was wearing. "You look cute," Lau smiled, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Yuki's checks turned bright red. "Hey, get away from my daughter," Hiyoshi moaned. Bats flew out from behind him. Lau stepped to the side, keeping his arms to himself. "And you wonder why I broke up with you," her mum sighed. The bats suddenly disappeared. "I am the devil, not the Easter bunny," Hiyoshi moaned. "This is really awkward," Yuki sighed. "Are we allowed to go? A lovers argument isn't something we should be listening to," Lau asked. "We're not a couple," they both responded in-unison. "I'm taking Yuki into SDC," Lau sighed. "Wait!" Hiyoshi shouted. He pressed his hand against the cut on Yuki's arm, causing her to flinch. A couple of seconds he pulled his hand away to show not even a scratch. "It disappeared?" she asked. "Joys of being the devil, being able to heal. Luckily the cut wasn't deep so it healed quickly," he nodded.

"Are you okay after everything that happened?" Lau asked, getting car keys out of his pocket. "It's a little to much to handle," she sighed. Lau unlocked the door leading to the black Lamborghini. "This is your car?" Yuki panicked. "My parents are rich, they gave it to me when I turned 17," Lau informed. "How old are you?" Yuki mumbled. "19, what about you?" Lau responded. "16," she sighed. "Not much of an age difference," he reasured. She awkwardly nodded. "If you join join SDC you get a load of money as well," he explained, while driving. "I don't know why they would want me, I'm weak and bad at fighting," she mumbled. "That was before the seal, you might be different now. Anyway, you can train there," Lau reminded. Yuki nodded before looking down. "If you ever need anything, you can come to me," he smiled. "Okay," she mumbled, a tear rolling down her check. "We're here," he added, half an hour as he parked in an futuristic underground parking garage. "Are you crying?" he panicked once they got out of the car. "I'm okay," she mumbled, rubbing her eyes. "I'm sorry," he sighed, patting her on the head. "You saved me, I shouldn't be crying in-front of you," she mumbled, looking down. Lau wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer. "It's okay, don't worry. You've been through a lot today," he reasured. She nodded, not looking up. "Lets go," he smiled, moving his arms away from her.

All the windows in the building were glass. Glass lifts reached up the five floors. "Wow," Yuki smiled, looking around. "From the outside it only looks like a three story building as some floors are underground," Lau informed. People walked past wearing suits. "Lets go to the bosses office," he added, pressing the button the lift. They went straight up to the 5th floor. KNOCK.KNOCK. "Come in," a male voice responded after Lau knocked on the door at the end of the hallway. Yuki slightly moved behind Lau as he walked inside. The office was white with a view of the London themes behind. At the large desk was an american man with short brown hair. "My name is Talyer Lind," he introduced. Yuki awkwardly nodded, moving behind Lau. "I am the boss at the UK division," he added. "UK?" Yuki repeated. "Clever girl. Yes we have more then one base. One in Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Egypt, New york, San fan, Hong Kong, Texas, Tokyo, Osaka and a variety of other locations," he informed. "Thats a lot," she mumbled. "Anyway, I am requesting you to join us," he informed. "I won't be of any help," she mumbled. "Trust me, you will. You are the princess after all," he nodded. "Lau is busy on a mission right now, which he should be doing so he needs to go but Naomi will help you get started," Lind informed. "I got to go, see ya later," Lau waved before leaving the office. As soon as he left, a tall Chinese woman with shoulder length black hair walked in. "Oh right, here's your badge," Lind remembered, handing Yuki a badge similar to Lau's. "Thanks," she mumbled.

"I will show you to the training rooms," Naomi stated, guiding Yuki to the lifts. "How long have you worked here?" Yuki mumbled. "Six years now," Naomi responded, pressing the close doors button on the lift. "I should explain the set out. We have the two floor car park which is on ground level going up. On the top floor is the offices including the bosses as well as the labs. Meanwhile two floors are underground. The one under the car park features more labs and training rooms. And on the bottom is the main training facilities ," Naomi informed. "What do you do in the labs?" Yuki mumbled. "Make weapons mainly as well as some experiments which are classified even for me," Naomi stated, watching Yuki nod. Naomi took Yuki straight to the bottom floor. "What weapons would you want to use?" Naomi asked. "I don't really want to fight," Yuki mumbled. "You have to," Naomi coldly reminded. "Twin Katanas and two Sig pros?" Yuki mumbled, looking down. "We have them," Naomi nodded. Yuki glanced up at her. The bottom level featured gyms, shooting booths and empty rooms. In one of the rooms was a wall filled with weapons. "Pick out the ones you want, I need to go," Naomi stated turning around. "Wait," Yuki panicked, causing Naomi to stop walking. "How do I use them?" she mumbled. "You will know how," Naomi informed before walking out. "I guess I'm not going to get any help on this," she sighed, carefully pulling the weapons off the wall. "They're easier to hold then I thought..." she mumbled. "Lau," Lind stated, looking up from his files. "Sorry, whats wrong?" Lau asked. "Your worried about her?" Lind guessed. "Yes," Lau admitted. "It's been two weeks since she started training. Emotionally she is fine as well. She's getting used to being like that. And you know, she's already an S rank," Lind informed. "What? S?" Lau asked, stepping forwards. "Iv'e been watching her training," Lind informed. "But she hasn't gone on a single mission yet," Lau added. "Not yet, that doesn't make her weak, C rank," Lind commented. "How is she an S rank?" Lau asked. "You sound jealous since you've been here for four years yet only on the common C rank," Lind added. "Answer me!" Lau demanded. "Your not the person who should the asking that, and I shouldn't be the one to tell you why," Lind responded.

Beeping filled the building, causing Yuki to jump. "Emergency mission," a voice echoed through the speakers. "An emergency mission?" she mumbled. "Calling Yuki Mashiro to the mission office," the voice added. "Mission office...." Yuki mumbled, slipping the Katana's she was using in the Katana holder around her waist. Naomi was pacing up and down a white office filled with multiple desks. "Whats Lind thinking? Sending some kid to this," she asked. "You do realize i'm here, right?" Yuki mumbled. "She's an S rank, she has more skills then you Naomi, B rank," Lind interrupted, walking into the room. "Lind, why am I going on the mission?" Yuki cried, turning around to face him. "You can do it," he added. Two men walked out from behind him. Both holding a black box each. "Change into these in the changing rooms," he ordered as the men passed the boxes to her. "Okay," she mumbled.

"Yuki, are you going to be okay?" Lau panicked once he saw her walk out of the changing rooms. "You were waiting for me?" she mumbled, watching him nod. He glanced down at her clothes.Her outfit consisted of black and white stripped thigh high socks, a black cape which covered the clothes underneath she had also changed into. The cape was decorated in red lace as well as red devil horns on the hood. On her feet were a pair of black Lolita styled shoes with crosses on the front and wings on the back.
"Devil themed, original," he sighed. "Anyway i'm here to take you to the vehicle that will be taking you to the mission," he added, stepping forwards. "The roof?" Yuki mumbled as he opened the door leading to the roof. A black helicopter sat in the middle. The sound of the wings echoing through the air. He helped her climb in before placing the headphones over her ears. The pilot shut the doors before climbing into the pilot seat. "This is your first mission, right?" the man asked. "Yeah," Yuki mumbled. "I will be up here waiting for you, once you've finished contact us and i'll take you out to eat something," Lau bargained. "Promise?" Yuki mumbled, looking up into his eyes. Lau held out his pinkie finger. "I promise," he nodded as she linked hers with his.

"So your an S rank?" the pilot asked on the way. "How is that relevant?" Lau questioned. "Making conversation, might as well," the pilot responded, lowering the helicopter. "This is where we see your shinigami skills," he added. "She's seriously going to be made to jump out of a moving helicopter?" Lau asked. "Its so people don't find out there's a mission," the pilot nodded. Yuki unzipped her seat-belt. She tightened the brace holding the Katana's under the cape. Lau sighed as he slid open the door. Wind pushed through the door, causing Yuki's hair and cape to blow backwards. "Yuki, good luck," Lau wished. "Thanks," Yuki smiled, making a cat paw pose with her left hand before stepping forwards.

The top of the nearby roof got nearer. "Is it going to work? It's too high," Lau panicked. "She can jump from this height," the pilot commented. "Yuki... be safe," Lau sighed. Yuki took a deep breath as the edge of the roof passed them. She quickly jumped out, the wind blowing her hair upwards. THUD. "I landed on the roof?" she smiled, opening her eyes to see that she had landed perfectly on her feet on the roof next to the one they had just passed. Looking up she saw the helicopter pass. Lau was waving out the window. Yuki smiled as she waved back. "Now the hard bit," she mumbled, looking towards the door. Luckily the door wasn't locked. "It smells like blood in here," she mumbled. Her quite footsteps down the staircase bounced of the walls. Her grip on the Katana's behind her back increased.

Suddenly someone from behind her kicked her forwards, falling down the stairs. She quickly placed her hand against the step, using it to jump of and land on her feet, facing the tall Italian man wearing a black suit ten steps up. "So the princess isn't so useless," he stated, stepping down on step. Yuki stepped down, keeping eye-contact with the man. "Are you one of the people who slaughtered all the humans in here?" she mumbled. "Slaughtered is too... harsh," the man responded. "That's what SDC told me you did," she mumbled. A sly grin formed on the corner of his lips. "What does a Shinigami think?" he asked. "There's no souls here," she mumbled. "Right, because we ate them," he snickered. "A Soul eater?" she mumbled, stepping down the next step. "Well, you already knew that, right?" he grinned, watching her nod. "You ate three other souls belonging to Soul Eaters," she mumbled. "My comrades were only there to do the dirty work for me," he laughed. A shadow of a crescent moon appeared on the wall as Yuki rushed forwards. Spider threads as black as darkness shot out from behind him. Yuki jumped of the wall, back-flipping over the threads before landing back on the ground, pulling out the Katana's out of their brace. "So you've learn't free running since the seal came off," he acknowledged, dodging out of the way. "I won't give up against someone who can abuse souls that easily!" she cried, using the blunt side of the blade to knock him backwards. THUD.

"Heh," he grinned as she leaned over him, pointing the Katana at his throat. "What are you waiting for?" he asked. "Ah, you've never killed someone, huh?" looking up into her eyes which were tearing. He quickly kicked her in the stomach, knocking her backwards down the flight of stairs, knocking against the wall, causing her to flinch. "You are an interesting one," he grinned, kicking her to the side. Frost formed on the ground underneath her. She went to reach for the Katana's however he kicked them to the side. "So the Princess is useless," he added, kicking her back down. "I'm bored, lets end this," he sighed, pulling a knife out of his pocket, going to stab Yuki in the center of her chest. She pulled the twin Sig Pro automatic's that has a crescent moon encrusted on the sides out of the Gun Leg Holster she was wearing. A gunshot echoed through the air. The man suddenly turned into a blue glow which disappeared.

The helicopter had parked on the roof a couple of minutes after Yuki had gone in. "I should go in to help her, "Lau added, sitting impatiently. "It's her mission, not yours," the pilot reminded. Suddenly the door opened. "Yuki! Are you okay?" Lau panicked, rushing over to her. She nodded. Her legs felt weak causing her to fall down onto her knees. "Yuki!" he panicked, crouching down in-front of her. "I'll be okay," she mumbled. "Did you complete the mission?" Lau asked, watching her nod. "You did good, don't worry," he reasured.

After getting changed at the HQ, Lau took Yuki out to Camden town to get some food. "Don't worry about it, the guns were designed so the person shot would get sent to your father," Lau reasured, watching Yuki look down at her pancakes. "But doesn't that still mean that I..." she mumbled. "You didn't," reasured Lau, patting her on the head.

"Yuki, do you still want to live in Japan?" Hiyoshi asked, watching Yuki nod. "Well SDC agrees so you're moving to Japan, and apparently that useless agent as well," Hiyoshi added, glaring at Lau. "I get to live in Japan?" Yuki beamed. "Yes, you will be attending school there, "he nodded. "But I can't speak Japanese," Yuki mumbled. Hiyoshi held up a piece of paper. "Are you sure?" she read out in Japanese . "It's written in Japanese and you just spoke in Japanese, your fluent in both English and Japanese," Hiyoshi informed. Yuki glanced at Lau who nodded."The school is on top of the middle of the center of the ghost panes as well, this will hide you from demons and spirits as best as it can," Hiyoshi informed. "So your sending her to a yanki school because of that?" Lau complained. "I don't remember inviting you to this conversation," Hiyoshi stated, taking a sip out of his wine. Lau sighed as he crossed his arms. "Didn't you request for SDC to transfer you to the Tokyo division to be close to her?" Hiyoshi interrupted. Lau's face turned bright red as Yuki glanced up at him. "We're friends, I don't want to say bye," Lau complained. Yuki smiled as she looked away. "So I would be working at SDC as well as going to the high school?" she asked. "The school is actually pretty good besides the students. Also out there you can do what you want so you can work in a maid cafe if you want to," Hiyoshi informed. "Really?" she beamed. "What area is the school and her apartment?" Lau wondered. "The apartment is in Shin-okubo," Hiyoshi informed. "Korea town..." Yuki mumbled, catching the attention of Lau. "SDC got me an apartment in Meguro, well at least your near the Kpop stores," Lau sighed. "The school is in Azabu, its about 24 minutes away by train. You get the Yamatote line to Yoyogi Station then get on the Oedo Line," Hiyoshi informed. "The HQ is also in Ebisu," Lau added. "Why are you adding pointless points in this?" Hiyoshi complained. "Well someone needs to look out for your daughter in Japan, right?" Lau expressed. Yuki glanced up at him. "She's better at fighting then you think," Hiyoshi argued. "This is really awkward," Yuki sighed. "I know she can fight, She's a S rank at SDC," Lau reminded. "A-Anyway, when are we being transferred to Japan?" she mumbled. "In four weeks," Hiyoshi informed. "So she's starting year 2 of high school a month after start of the year?" Lau questioned. "Can't be helped," Hiyoshi moaned. "What about my mum?" Yuki mumbled. "Well apparently she found a new boyfriend so she'll be fine," he responded. "You sound Jealous at that," Lau admitted. "Anyway good luck," Hiyoshi responded, glaring at Lau. Four weeks passed by quickly. Yuki spent most of them hanging out with her friend Gwen. "I'm going to miss you," Yuki admitted. "Me too, Japan's too far away," Gwen sighed.

Hiyoshi used his powers to transport Yuki to the alleyway by her apartment. "Here's your passport saying you can live in England and Japan since your both Japanese and English," he informed, pacing her the passport that suddenly appeared in her head. "Thanks," she smiled. "Here's a credit card, I'm paying for everything on here so feel free to spend it how you like since i'm rich, and here's your oyster ticket for trains and your Japanese sim," he informed, handing the rest to her. "Thank you," she thanked. "Good luck, remember, call my number any time," he added, disappearing as he touched the ring around his finger. The apartment building was a two story complex.

The blue door stood in-front of her. A name plate was on the left side which read out 'Mashiro Yuki'. Hiyoshi had gone to the apartment before hand to decorate everything. The doors were all traditional sliding doors. As soon as you stepped through the traditional entrance way it led you to a hallway. The door on the right led to the bathroom and toilet and also the washing machine. The door on the left led to the kitchen and spare room which had all the kitchen appliances such as ovens and microwaves. At the end of the hallway was the door leading to her room.Her walls were pastel pink.The carpet was dark pink with light pink spots. In the back left corner of the room was a double white bed which was neatly covered in a pastel pink duvet cover which had lace and bows as well as matching pillows along with a pastel pink Etude House SHINee pillow. A 30 cm mint Arpakasso sat at the end of her bed along with a My Melody, Little twin stars Unicorn, Kuromi, Korilikkuma and a Super Sonico plushie. Five pastel pink printed salopettes hung from the top of the walls around her bed by pastel pink coat hangers with a Hello Kitty face printed in the middle. A set of doors leading to the balcony was to the right of the bed, covered by a pair of pastel pink curtains decorated in black Alice in Wonderland designs. In the right hand corner was a long pastel pink mirror resting against the wall. Next to it was a set of pastel storage units with my Melody themed storage boxes on one set. On the top were Strawberry shaped Bento boxes which stored hair-ties and clips. A long sleeved pastel pink seifuku and a short sleeved mint seifuku hung above them. On the next bit of the storage units had a variety of different sized My Melody plushies. A collection of fashion magazines were neatly in the bottom of the storage holders. A white wardrobe was in the corner of the wall nearer the door. Above the bed was a small VIXX poster featuring Ravi and Hongbin. A small pink Love live Nico wall hanging scroll was by the mirror. A mini circle shaped white table was in the middle of the room which a storage stray underneath which had a My Melody shaped purse and several other cute merchandise.

The next day Lau's flight got in. After he got settled in, they met up. "Hows your apartment?" Yuki asked. "Basic, Since SDC was paying for it they didn't want to make it decent," Lau sighed. "What about yours?" he wondered. "He decorated and painted it," Yuki smiled, swinging her legs under the table. "Lucky," Lau complained, taking a bite out of his chicken nuggets. Yuki giggled as she took a sip out of her milkshake. "So whats your plan for tomorrow?" Lay wondered. "Harajuku," she mumbled. "Should of guessed," Lau laughed. "I have to go into the HQ," he sighed. "Do you regret coming over?" Yuki mumbled. "Of course not, I would of missed you too much if I didn't," he smiled. Yuki's checks turned bright red as she nodded.

Two days later it was her first day of school. Lau met up with her to walk her to the train station. "You look cute," he smiled. Her outfit consisted of a sailor styled white top with a black sailor collar with white lines on, a red bow with white lines hanging down, an slightly over-sized pastel pink jumper which covered most of her top and reached just below her hips, a short pleated skirt which matched the bow and laid 12 inches above her knee, thigh high pastel pink and white stripped socks and ankle length pastel pink Gyaru boots with a pink bow on the side. Her bag was a traditional Japanese high school bag but with pink straps with a couple of anime badges on a My Melody keyring hanging down. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails. Her makeup consisted of light pink eyeshadow mixed with sparkly white eye shadow and a top layer of neat black liquid eyeliner. A pale pink gloss covered her lips. "T-Thanks," she blushed, pressing her index fingers against each other.

"Will you be okay with getting to the school on your own?" he offered once the train pulled up to Yogoi station. "I'll be okay, and plus don't you have a SDC mission?" Yuki mumbled. "Yeah," Lau sighed, ruffling her hair. "Bye," she waved before changing trains. The next train was mainly filled with high school students. Suddenly a man ran through the train, grabbing someones black school bag as they ran past. Frost covered the ground in-front of Yuki, causing the man to slip. THUD. The frost disappeared as a tall Japanese girl with shoulder length straight black hair with a side fringe ran up to them. Her uniform consisted of a long sleeved pale blue shirt with the top two buttons undone, with a lose black tie with pale pink stripes, a pleated skirt that matched her tie which reached ten inches above her knees and short black boots. A black cardigan was tied around her waist. A black studded bracelet was around her wrist. The man quickly threw the bag up at her before running of. "Jeez," she sighed, swinging her bag over her shoulder. "Are you unharmed?" a girl with shoulder length brown hair asked. Her uniform consisted of a pleated black skirt laying five inches over her knees, black tights, a short sleeved white shirt, a red and black checkered tie and a black blazer with a wing encrusted on the right sleeve and black pumps with a small bow on the front. "I'm fine, jeez men are annoying," the girl complained."You dropped this," Yuki mumbled, handing the girl a Rilakkuma purse. "Thanks," she thanked, slipping it back into her bag. "Did you trip him?" she guessed. Yuki's checks lightly blushed. "Maybe," she smiled. "Thanks," the girl grinned, patting Yuki on the shoulder."It's nice to meet both of you, I'm Sato Karen, I go to Baru high," she continued. "My name is Oba Mina, its a pleasure to meet you," the other girl stated, curtsying as she held onto the edge of her skirt. "Rich girl school, huh?" Karen asked. "Mashiro Yuki," Yuki blushed. "I attend Leya high school, what about you?" Mina asked. "Komae High School," Yuki mumbled. "If my memory recalls, that school has a bad representation," Mina remembered. "It has a good course i'm interested in," Yuki explained. "Ah, the school has a lot of choice I guess. Although I do not recall if theirs any other girls attending," Mina added. "Didn't it turn coed at the start of the school year?" Karen added. "Right, otherwise Mashiro-san couldn't go," Mina agreed. "Is the school really that bad?" Yuki asked. Karen and Mina exchanged glances for a couple of seconds. "It will be okay," Karen responded. During the journey they talked and exchanged phone numbers. "This is my stop, bye," Yuki waved as the train approached the station. Karen and Mina both waved as Yuki jumped onto the platform before spinning around and waving.

The high school was a five minute walk from the station. A four story building stood behind a fence with a large gap in-between. Sakura tree's lined along the path. "So this is my new school," Yuki sighed. Paper blew around outside the school. Once she got to the teachers office she was given her student ID. "It's good to finally get a student who is isn't going to start a lot of fights," one of the teachers joked, taking a sip of her coffee. "Your class is 2-1, its easy enough to find," another teacher added. "Thank you," Yuki smiled, bowing her head before leaving the staff room. "It's going to be interesting how THEY interact with her," one of the teachers admitted. "I-I'm lost," Yuki sighed. She looked down at her student ID "Are you lost?" a male voice asked from behind her, causing her to jump. A 173 cm tall Japanese boy with neat bright red hair with a full fringe and dark red eyes was standing right behind her. "I-I'm trying to find class 2-1," she mumbled. "So your the new girl, huh?" he smiled, watching her checks blush. "It's on the second floor next to left set of the stairs, see ya," he waved before walking down the stairs. "T-Thank you!" she blushed. He smiled as he waved while not looking back. "Second floor..." Yuki mumbled.

On the second floor was a loud classroom with desks, scatted out. The classroom only had fifteenth students, all male, who were focused on talking or playing on their phone. The male teacher who had short dark blonde hair suddenly slipped on the banana skin laying on the ground. The teacher quickly put it away in the bin."Yamada Leiko," the teacher sighed, glancing at the 173cm tall Japanese boy who had layered bleach blonde hair reaching his chin and a thin full fringe. His uniform consisted of a short black t-shirt, the school blazer rolled to his elbows, black trousers and a black and white checkered hoodie wrapped around his waist. A key shaped necklace hung around his neck."Anyway today we have a new transfer student, her name is Mashiro Yuki," the teacher informed. "A girl is transferring here?" he asked. "She's only just moved to Japan so please look after her, don't get her involved in any of the pathetic fights," the teacher explained. "Pathetic?" complained one of the boys, pushing his chair backwards as he stood up. He was 175 cm tall with dark red hair in an Korean undercut style with his fringe on the right side of his face. His uniform consisted of a long sleeved white shirt with the top five buttons undone, a black blazer rolled up to his elbows with his shirt rolled up and black trousers. "Kurayama Ren, sit down," the teacher sighed. "A girl, huh?" a 180 cm tall Japanese boy with his feet on his desk smiled to himself as he was reading a manga. His short neat jet black hair reached his ears. His eyes were dark purple.A pair of blue Kpop headphones were around his neck. His uniform consisted of black trousers, a short sleeved white t-shirt with a skull printed in a middle with a heart above, a dark red hoodie, the black blazer (The hoodie and blazer were both rolled up to his elbows) a snap-back hat was on his head"Kyomoto Taiga, get your feet of the desk," the teacher sighed. "Why are you suddenly manning up to us now?" another boy asked. He was 176 cm tall with light brown hair and dark purple eyes. A quite knock echoed through the room. "Come in Mashiro-chan," the teacher called. The door slowly opened with Yuki standing in the doorway. "Excuse me," she shyly blushed. "It's okay, no point in being shy, come in," the teacher smiled, watching Yuki nod as she walked in. "Theirs no girls in the class!" she blushed to herself as she glanced at the class who were all staring at her. "So she's pretty cute, school might actually be interesting now," a boy at the back commented to his friend who was busy drawing manga in a notebook. "Everyone, this is Mashiro Yuki, she recently moved here from England so look after her, as if," the teacher sighed. Yuki glanced up at him. "I'm Rikumaru, if you have any problems, come to me," he smiled.

"Pick any seat," he instructed. Yuki awkwardly nodded before walking to the seat in the back row next to the window. Ren glanced over at her. "I guess taking toban is useless with this class," the teacher complained. "He doesn't really seem to like this school," Yuki mumbled to herself, getting a notebook out of her bag. "Finally lunch, everyone, do whatever, not like you even do the work," Rikumaru sighed. "Sensei, can I talk to you?" Yuki asked. "Sure, It will make me feel at least a little bit like a teacher," he nodded, closing the classroom door so the students talking wasn't too loud. "Are you okay?" she mumbled. "I'm fine, I'm a Student teacher so I shouldn't complain about the school I get sent to," Rikumaru sighed. Yuki nodded, glancing to the side. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I-It's nothing, don't worry!" she blushed. "I wouldn't be much of a teacher if I wasn't worried about my students," he reminded. "It's just that your a dream eater," she mumbled. Rikamaru's face turned white as he grabbed Yuki's arm, dragging her into the empty nurses office. "W-What are you doing?" she blushed. "How do you know that?" he coldly asked, not letting go of her. "I can tell that you have a Baku soul," she mumbled, looking down. "Your the Princess?" he guessed, watching her nod. He moved his arm away from hers. "Sorry, no one here knows about that, I guess since non-human scent doesn't show up here on the spiritual pane," he sighed. "That's one of the reasons why Hiyoshi sent me here," Yuki mumbled. "Hiyoshi? Oh right, the devil," Rikumaru remembered. The door suddenly slid open with Taiga in the doorway. "Kyomoto-san?" Rikumaru asked. "I saw you drag her in here," Taiga complained, grabbing Yuki's wrist and pulling her behind him. "You don't trust me?" Rikumaru wondered. "No way, are you okay?" Taiga asked, looking down at Yuki. "I'm okay," she mumbled. "Did he try to do anything to you?" he asked, watching her shake her head. Taiga glanced at Rikumaru who loosened his tie. "Sensei, don't even think about hurting her," Taiga ordered. "Sensei? So your finally respecting me?" Rikumaru asked. "Your a 22 year old student teacher, your not going to be here long," Taiga responded, grabbing Yuki's hand before storming out of the room. "Y-Your walking to fast," Yuki blushed. Taiga suddenly stopped walking, causing her to bump into his back. "Sorry," he added. As he turned around, his face flushed. "Call me Taiga, can I call you Yuki?" he requested. Yuki's checks blushed as she nodded.Taiga smiled, patting her on the head. "So how long have you been in Japan?" he wondered. "Six days," she mumbled. "Six days? Isn't that too early to start school?" Taiga expressed. "I'm okay with it," she mumbled. "Anyway I have to go, see you around," he smiled, patting her on the head before running of.

"Why did I agree to do this?" she sighed, sitting down on the outside emergency stairs. She was wearing one earphone as she got a strawberry shaped bento box out of her school bag which she placed down onto the step. Inside was a Rilakkuma made out of rice, cucumber, star shaped ham, strawberry's as well as some other food. "It looks cute," the boy who had helped her when she got lost smiled from behind her, making her jump. "So you regret coming here?" he asked, picking a heart shaped cucumber slice out of her bento box before sitting down next to her. "Not really. It's just weird being at a new school," she mumbled. "That's good, that means your not ready to leave already," he added. "T-Thank you for helping me earlier," she blushed. "No problem, hows class 2-1?" he responded. "Loud but one of them is okay so far," she mumbled, taking a bite out of a strawberry. "One of them?" he repeated, taking another slice of cucumber out of her bento. "Taiga," she mumbled. "Ah, Kyomoto," he nodded. "What class are you in?" Yuki asked. "2-2, oh yeah, I'm Kamijo Teru," he smiled. "Mashiro Yuki," she blushed. "You look cute when your embarrassed," he grinned, causing her checks to blush. "Did you make this yourself?" he wondered. "Last night," she nodded, smiling as she noticed him staring at the bento. "Do you want any more?" she smiled. He admittedly nodded, taking a strawberry out before eating it. "So are you used to being at a Yanki school yet?" he asked, eating some of the pasta."I kinda like it, no one judges you based on your appearance," she smiled. "Yeah, that's why I can easily go around with dark red hair and eyes," he agreed. "Have you been here since grade one?" she guessed. "Yeah, haven't really found my place in the school yet," he sighed. "Thank you for the food," Teru smiled once they finished eating. "It's fun eating with a friend," Yuki giggled. "Specially since it feels like we're breaking the rules at a yanki school," Teru laughed, ruffling her hair as she slipped the bento box back into her bag.A school bell echoed through the air. "Kamijo-san..." Yuki blushed. "Anyway call me Teru, we're friends and It must be weird using Japanese honorifics for the first time anyway," he winked. "Okay, see you around," she smiled.

A school bell rang through the air. "And that concludes maths," Rikumaru sighed. "Kurayama Ren, Matsumura Hokuto its your time for osoji," Rikumaru announced. "Seriously?" Ren complained. "We need one more person to do it today, if you do, you don't have to do it for the rest of the week," Rikumaru requested. "I'll help," Yuki shyly volunteered. "Okay, we have our three helpers for today, everyone else, go be lazy," Rikumaru stated. Everyone else lift the room within ten minutes. Hokuto and Ren both moved the desks to the sides of the room. "

Yuki was standing on one of the desks and cleaning the windows. As her foot slipped backwards, someone quickly caught her. Looking behind her she saw Ren. "S-Sorry!" she blushed. "It's okay," he responded. "So why did you volunteer?" Hokuto asked, cleaning the floor. "There's something I have to do for the rest of the week," she mumbled. "Eh? That's interesting," Ren grinned, looking up from his phone. "Kurayama, help," Hokuto moaned. "Why are we even doing this? This is a yanki school," Ren complained, throwing the broom to the ground. "Yeah well we still need to," Hokuto sighed. "Oh yeah, I haven't formally introduced myself, I'm Matsumura Hokuto," he smiled. "It's nice to meet you, I'm-" Yuki started. "The whole school knows who you are, Mashiro Yuki," Ren interrupted. "Really?" she mumbled. "You are the first and only girl here," Hokuto reminded. Yuki awkwardly nodded.

"That was a long first day," she sighed while walking home from the train station. "Jeez," Ren's voice moaned from the nearby park as a thud appeared in the air. "Was that Kurayama?" Yuki mumbled, running to the entrance of the park. Ren, Leiko and Hokuto were all fighting a group of twenty high school male students. "That's the type of people they are," Teru commented from behind her. One of the men went to punch Ren however he kicked him backwards. Leiko smile curved to the side as he dodged out of the way."They're pretty good at fighting," Yuki mumbled. "Not typically a girly response," Teru responded, looking down into her eyes. "They're strong but they don't really have a reason to fight, there's a few other students like that as well," Teru added. "Are you one of them?" she mumbled. Teru smiled, patting her on the head before lightly pushing her forwards. "Yuki?" Hokuto questioned, kicking one of the high schoolers down to the ground. Yuki turned around to see that Teru had disappeared. "What are you doing here?" Ren complained, punching one of the boys who was about to punch him. "S-Sorry!" she blushed before running of.

"Why did I run of?" she sighed, closing her apartment door. Frost started to cover her door. "I'm useless," she cried, sliding down the door, resting her head on her arms. The next morning in class only seven people were there. Hokuto, who was reading manga, was covered in plasters."Does it hurt?" Yuki mumbled, crouching down in-front of his desk, resting her head on her arms. "It's okay, so you saw us fight," Hokuto sighed, watching her nod. "Is that why you ran of?" he guessed. "I'm not sure," she mumbled. A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her stomach as Taiga leaned his head on her shoulder. "T-Taiga?" she blushed, trying to move to the side. "Was Hokuto being mean?" Taiga asked, watching Yuki shake her head. "Who do you think I am?" Hokuto complained. Yuki giggled as did a 'v' sign.

One foot in-front of another, she slowly walked along the edge of the roof. "Yuki!" Hokuto panted, swinging open the door leading to the roof. "Hokuto?" she mumbled, looking over at him. "Don't jump," he responded, trying to catch his breath. "I wasn't going to," Yuki mumbled. Hokuto went down on his knees as his head sunk. "I feel like my pride just disappeared," he admitted.

The classroom door swung open."Masataka is here," Hokuto shouted. Leiko and Ren quickly jumped out of their seats, running out of the room.

"Its pretty impressive that a girl could survive this long in this school," he grinned, kicking her down to the steps. "Are you the one who's been following me?" Yuki mumbled, using her arms to push herself of the ground. "Clever Princess, A living god of death is pretty interesting," he responded, kicking her back down. Yuki went to get the Katana's out of the brace however stopped. "Your afraid of using the weapons or powers at this school?" he guessed.

Ren suddenly kicked the demon backwards. "Well if it isn't Kurayama," he grinned. "Masataka...." Ren started. "You two know each other?" Yuki mumbled, sitting up.
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