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What are some places you want to go to?
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42 / M / A Mile High
Posted 2/11/15 , edited 2/11/15
Oh man, I want to go skiing in Hokkaido, the CN Rockies, and the Alps. I want to backpack in Patagonia, the John Muir trail, and the Northern Alps. Motorcycle tour of the Andes, the Mediterranean coast, and to see the TT on the Isle of Mann.

I want to eat pretty much everywhere. But Provence, Tokyo, and pretty much all of SE Asia are at the top of the list.

I want to visit Jerusalem, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, just for the history and architecture.

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20 / M / California
Posted 2/11/15

DoctorJoeCool wrote:

Japan, California, and New Zealand. Japan because anime, tokusatsu, and awesome stores such as the real-life MgRonald's from The Devil is a Part-Timer!. California because movies. And New Zealand because I've seen things that were filmed there and some of those locations look awesome (say what you will about Disney era Power Rangers, but it had some AWESOME locations, especially in RPM). I also would probably try to use each of those as locations for films.

RisingSun14 wrote:
I live in California. It's pretty boring.

^^ Pretty much. You don't go want to come here. There's nothing special about California besides it being California. Movies are something you can find online.

-China (Been there twice [Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and other places], I just want to go back)

And that's probably it since I really don't want to go to any other places. Although I'll probably go back to China again pretty soon.
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30 / M / Center-of-US
Posted 2/12/15
Germany, Kenya, Australia. Maybe Japan, maybe UK. Little inclination to go elsewhere in Europe & Asia. Maybe somewhere in South America.

Also, want to go to Ghana again (watched CR last time I was there - pretty relaxing. Family dragged me out and about eventually).
Posted 2/12/15 , edited 2/12/15
Japan. Alaska, a few big cities, New York and things like that. Just popular places most likely. Hawaii and all that. I've never been anywhere interesting besides New Orleans but the only time I've went to New Orleans was just to pass through for something. Not stop and eat somewhere and all that good stuff.
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Posted 2/12/15
Japan, mostly because I been a lot of places already. Kinda wanna go back to US as well, really enjoyed it.

Africa too but not certain where that would be.
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 3/21/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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