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Mods are Asleep, What Do You Do?
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Posted 1/26/15
I would rustle everyone's jimmies
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37 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 1/26/15

onibrotonel wrote:

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

Wen the Mods are asleep the real debate can start with no fear of losing a fellow debater do to a mod misunderstanding debating as something bad like trolling. Freedom to truly debate a topic, how I miss some of my friends who happen to have been ban from this site just for having opposing points of view with others on this site, and deliberating strongly about it. (;

It's more like you can't take a no for an answer and you always have to be right and perfect, if I remember.

Did you say you were the perfect mma fighter or knows a lot of martial arts skills?

Edit: I forgot to add smileys.
=O =O =O =T

1. LOL did I? I do have backing in two forms of martial art styles. But I do not think I ever call my self a MMA fighter, one I have little respect for fighting sports. It bastardizes the art of combat.
2. I was joking poking fun at the mods, hell one of the mods is a former ED friend of mine who was always on the other side of the debate. (Digs.) He believes in young earth, and is heavily religious... and I don't believe earth is only 6000 to 9000 years old, and I am an atheist... Yet we get along swimmingly even if we go at it in the old ED like Cats and Dogs.
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 1/26/15

-or at least, that's what Sendai would say...
Posted 1/26/15 , edited 1/26/15
The same I do every night....

Try and take over the world.
Posted 1/26/15

itsvesper wrote:

NoiseVVV wrote:

What's a Chaika?

Chaika is pretty much everything and everyone right now...


Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/28/16
op nuked. Locked.
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