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Posted 1/24/15 , edited 1/24/15
It's been kind of bothering me how unorganized/lack of "new" content this website is currently.

What I'd like to see:
-Flat UI (the navigation bar is great and so is the Show/manga tab but the profiles, groups and forums need a change)
-Achievements need to give users CR points and should not be rewarded every month...
-Achievements need a new look(flat look)
-Chat/Group chat at the bottom of the page like Facebook!

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Posted 1/24/15
achievements do give CR points im pretty sure.

(The following points in no way are said to invalidate your opinions, im just giving my own thoughts on the matters you listed)

Forums are pretty organized and easy to navigate so I dont really see an issue with it.

I dont think most people care about the look of achievements, since almost no one actually looks at each others :P

ANNNND to the last point, I remember a few forum topics on this which stated CR used to have a group chat of some sort, however it was abandoned.

Group chat seems like a good idea, however it will require a group of moderators to be there at all times to keep stuff PG13, since there are alot of younger kids that come to CR and their parents probably scout the site to ensure its "appropriate"

However, i personally would enjoy the option to change the skins on crunchyroll (like different layouts for colors and such) without having to download a third party app.
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