HP Monitor Loose & Wobbly - Problem Removing Stand
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Posted 1/25/15
My HP monitor (Model W2072a) has become increasingly loose and wobbly to the point where it tilts in one direction and won't stay put when I recline it back or forwards. I decided that I would remove my monitor from its stand to see if I can tighten some screws inside and make it sturdy again. However, I can't get the damn stand off whatsoever.

I googled the crap out of guides to help me remove the monitor's base and stand but can't find anything remotely useful or are for other models. I found a pdf of the assembly instructions and it showed how to mount it to a wall, which required removing the base. It tells me to remove the base by laying it on a flat surface sliding it away. Tried it and it wouldn't budge a bit, even with more than sufficient force.

Page 6 of this pdf - http://cdn.cnetcontent.com/92/47/9247d7bb-6655-4f2d-9d32-5dc94083f132.pdf

Now it could just be that my monitor stand is really crappy and it'll take a profession or myself ripping it off, but if possible, I'd like to avoid both scenarios. I just want to remove the base without breaking or paying for it so I can tighten and fix the foundation that is making my monitor wobble and tilt.

Thanks in advance.
Posted 1/26/15
Have you tried stuffing it with blutac?
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Posted 1/13/17
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