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Tales of Zestiria, is it worth the hype?????
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xxJing wrote:

Popoff91 wrote:

I will play it when it gets localized, but I was really looking forward to Alicia, and recently I found out she pulls a Flynn and leaves for most of the game. In Flynn's case, that's okay because Yuri was WAY better, but Alicia looks like a great character.

I am sure it will be great though. While my #1 game is FF XII, as a whole the Tales series is my favorite and I have played all of the localized games in the series except for Tales of the World and Phantasia, and I loved all of them, especially Vesperia (my #2) and Abyss (my #3). I even played Vesperia and Xillia in Japanese. The only one I felt disappointed in was Graces F, and even then it was still a good game, just not up to Tales standards.

Personally I loved Graces. Asbel felt like the most human protagonist and the easiest to self-insert into. He was a normal kid who was hit over the head with responsibilities and chose to run from them, but eventually had to face his life and make good on all of his relationships. Pretty much every other main character had to deal with a tragic past or some kind of special destiny. It was extremely easy for me to relate to Asbel.

That said I have loved the majority of the Tales of... games. My one exception would be Xillia. I couldn't like 99% of the characters. Xillia 2 was great though, the silent protagonist oddly fit very well into the mix. I am wary about Zestiria though, as a lot of people were complaining about the characters aside from the Alisha issue. The characters were what ruined Xillia for me, I hated Jude, I found Milia to be boring, the only characters I cared about were Gaius and Jude's Childhood friend (I forgot her name ironically) and I hated that she liked Jude because Jude seemed to not care about her at all, she was more like an acquaintance to him than even a friend.

Honestly the only way to make a story work where you hate your protagonists is like with School Days, you show people what they want to see, the hateful protagonists getting demolished.

I hated Jude too because he didn't seem to care about Leia at all. I did like most of the others though. Strangely enough, even though Alvin tried to kill Leia, he actually seemed to regret it immediately, and Alvin is probably my favorite Xillia character until Ludger came around. Alvin has a stupid goatee in the sequel though.
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