Game recommendation: Shan Gui
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Posted 1/25/15 , edited 1/26/15
If you have two hours and five dollars to spare, buy this game and let its narrative take you for a ride unlike any other. Shan Gui is a kinetic visual novel with minimalistic gameplay. All you do is set it on auto and let it take you for a ride as the narrative progresses. The artwork and music really set the mood for this gem.

Shan Gui follows a university student named Han Hui who tries to find herself in her lowest point in her life. What she finds is a friend and soulmate named He Jia who takes her on a heartwaming journey of self discovery that will reshape Han Hui's life forever.

Do yourself a favor, play this game. Its on Steam.

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Posted 1/15/17 , edited 1/15/17
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