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"Technologically challenged" using a smart phone
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Posted 1/28/15

GrateSaiyaman wrote:

Old things make people feel secure. I didn't get a cell 'till my land-line went dead and C-link wanted $90 to fix it. I still don't have a smart phone. The reason for that is not wanting to pay the money for the data plan....
..... but that's beginning to change.

Anybody know about the Nokia 530?
My friend said it is a functional cheaper alternative to a smart phone. He kept recommending it to me because I kept saying I didn't want to upgrade since the smart phones in the market are so expensive however I would not recommend getting the Windows (the one with the color box interface). A lot of people I know get confused with it, and it's not exactly user friendly. You'll know what I'm talking about if you search up images on "smartphone windows". But I guess with all things, it just takes some getting use too.
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Posted 1/31/15 , edited 1/31/15

_xiro_ wrote:

asharka wrote:Does anyone still have a (working) rotary phone outside a museum?

You mean other than for ironic or stylistic purpose? Probably not.

Those old bakelite phones worked great.

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Posted 2/1/15
There are a great deal of people who were once very technologically inclined and have resisted the changes.

I guess it depends on what demographics that you're looking at, because older people can definitely qualify.

It's really not their fault, though. Older people cannot be expected to follow such a rapid curve.
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Posted 1/17/17
New Year cleaning -- closing threads with no new posts since 2015.
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