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Animeruler22 wrote:
Riyu nodded, "Alright."

Ren paid the bill and walked out of the cafe holding Rizuyuki's hand

(moving to class)
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Sai looked around, as he stepped into the cafe. He was happily greeted by some waiters, as he was seated to a table.
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Moments later, a rather taller figure, emphasized with platform sandals, entered the cafe. His presence wasn't unnoticed as eyes turned towards the male.
The man scanned the tables a bit, he was bored and was looking for company, he spotted a rather familiar face-- a student of his, maybe?
"Heey~!" He casually walked over to him. "Good afternoon, mind if I join you?" he takes a seat without a reply or hesitation and rests his elbows on the table. In reality, Saki only recognized the face of the person sitting in front of him-- and forgot or didn't know his name, but that didn't stop him to try and become buddies with him.
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Sai looked the tall man, as he watched him sit down in front of him. "Oh, uh, yeah, sure." He replied, as he kept looking at his face. He swore he saw the man somewhere, unsure where. A waitress walked up to the table, as Sai saw her, and flinched, scooting away from her slightly. She looked confused at him, as she asked what he wanted. "J-J-J-Just.. a-a cream p-puff is fine.." He replied, stuttering.

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"No need to be so tense~," Saki let out a chuckled as he sat up to sit in the back of his chair. The man smiled at the waitress as he ordered his own food. "Coffee, 3 sugar 3 cream," he told her and she walked off with their order.
Turning his eyes towards the boy, the smile never left the man's face. "Letme guess... you're a student in Rose Academy, correct?" He asked, to get rid of his doubt.
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Letting out a sigh of relief once the waitress was gone, he fixed his positioning with the chair and put his head on the table. Glancing up at he man, he replied, "Yes, I am. I recently transferred here due to.. personal reasons. But.. I might consider transferring again." He said, as you could notice all the bandages on his face, and the sorrow in his red-orange eyes.

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The sigh of relief let out by the boy caught the man's eyes. He wondered why he was anxious earlier.
"Hmm?" He hummed. "That's a shame. I would've liked you as my student. ... Ah, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sasaki Ueno." A warm smile to his lips, the man held out his hand for a handshake. "But please, call me Saki." He said with a wink.
The man's eyes couldn't help but stare a little at the bandages on the boy's face.
"Ah... that brings memories," He thought to himself, feeling his heart break. He too had been a victim of bullying once before, but that was long ago.
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He smiled slightly, and shook Saki's hand. "I-I'm Sasadai Criuumine. I go by Sai. N-Nice to meet you, Saki." He replied, as you could feel his hand was ice cold. One he released the handshake, he nervously looked at the waitress as she came back, giving them their orders. "T-Thank y-you.." He quietly said to the waitress, as she smiled and left.

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"It's very nice to meet you too, Sai~," Saki said, smiling. Hands pulled away after the handshake, Saki's eyes followed Sai's nervous ones at the waitress. He recalled his expression when he was talking to him and it was different-- very slightly, but the man had an eye for details. "Is he shy with girls?" He wondered.
After thanking the waitress for bringing them their order, the man decided to test his theory.
"The waitress was kind of cute, wasn't she?"
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Sai flinched as he heard Saki mention the waitress, breaking into a cold sweat. He gripped his arm tightly in order to stop his shaking, "Y-Yeah.. s-she sure was.. haha.." He replied, laughing nervously. He looked to the side in discomfort, leaving his cream puff un-eaten on the tiny, china ware plate.

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"Ooh..." The man's eyes glanced at the boy and the people in the cafe. He noticed the boys discomfort was far more than just shyness. It was severe anxiety.
"Mmm, nevermind that," the man said, taking a sip of his coffee. He then attempted to change the subject to something a bit more 'enjoyable' for the boy. "Say what do you think of art, Sai?" The man asked, gently placing his cup down on the coaster.
It was a question he asked fairly often, sometimes he got replies that he expected, sometimes ones that made him smile and very few who blew his mind.

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Sai looked at Saki somewhat surprised, and then took it into consideration. "Art, huh.. depends on what type of art it is, I guess." He said, looking at Saki. "Drawing art seems more your style, so I guess you probably want to know my opinion on art based on that category." He explained, shifting in his seat, nibbling his cream puff. "I'd say art is.. interesting. There is multiple colors, and you could use details or make a complete mess of it. It is also a beautiful thing; It can have a splash of colors, or one color in different shades. In my opinion, it's all very beautiful." He said, smiling gently.

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Saki listened to the boy's words with a calm smile on his face. He let out a chuckle as he guessed his art medium. "Haha? You can tell just like that? I'm actually more of a clothing designer after being a teacher, but I do work on paper a lot."
The man leaned on the table as he listened to the boy more, his smile never leaving his face and his eyes focused on the other. Once he was done, Saki was surprised at the gentle look on Sai's face. He seemed tense a while ago-- maybe a little too tense at times-- but he was completely relaxed right now.
"Sai," Saki spoke up his tone a little serious. "Why are you in my class, yet I mean, daamn~! I need a student like you!" He chuckled, the feeling of seriousness completely gone.
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Sai giggled, and looked at Saki. "Well, I still have a free period in my schedule, so I could apply for one of your classes." He said, smiling happily at him. He started to swirl his finger around a strand of his pink/red hair, as he nibbled his cream puff some more. Some other students walked in, obviously delinquents. Once Sai caught eye of them, his face turned pale. One of them looked at him, and smirked, walking over, slinging their arm around his shoulder. "Well.. if it isn't our pink-haired friend~!" The man said sarcastically. Sai shivered, as he tried to remove the man's arm, but the man wouldn't budge. He quickly looked to Saki, and back at the men, as the other two walked up as well, teasing Sai uncontrollably. Sai then started to look like he was on the verge of tears, as their comments started getting more and more harsh, as the one man gripped Sai's hair hard, pulling him up. "And what's with this hair anyways..?! It's so gay!!" The man proclaimed, as he took out some blonde hair dye. Sai eyed the hair dye, as tears rolled down his cheeks, "P-Please s-stop.." he whimpered, looking at the man.

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Saki's expression changed once Sai's did, nothing serious-- but his smile was gone. His eyes carefully following the boy's to a group of kids. Yes, kids. Oversized children who don't know better.
"Excuse me," Saki spoke up as they teased Sai, but his words were drowned out by the laughter. "Excuse me." He tried again. Once more, ignored. Saki felt a rage boiling the blood through his veins. "These little brats..." He stood up and flung what little lukewarm coffee left in the cup at the man holding Sai hostage.
"Excuse me," he said, teeth clenched. "Your actions are more than unacceptable. I'd suggest you leave this place before you raise any more trouble. I recognize your faces. I won't hesitate to have you expelled by tomorrow."
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