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Are you an "Awkward Moment Magnet"...?
Posted 1/30/15 , edited 1/30/15
Well, I went to a pretty popular pub today and the security guard asked for my ID. As I took my wallet out he then proceeded to tell me that I seemed to be wearing a builder's trousers (the owner is my friend's brother, and the manager of the place is also a friend) and that I didn't seem like their frequent crowd (in other words, I looked poor to him). That was my favourite trousers.

I got really curious as to why he'd be trying to drive a potential costumer away and questioned him.

I spent the night joking about it with my friend. We've also made plans for my next visit. I'll get a cardboard and write homeless on it and try to get in while bribing him with a £20 note.
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Posted 1/30/15
Whatever comes out my mouth somehow becomes irrelevant and 2 topics behind. Seriously.. lol
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Posted 3/21/15
Closed because OP nuked.
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