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Posted 1/29/15
by moonhawk81

Myself; Yourself is the shared title of several related products released in 2007, including an anime, a light novel, and a visual novel played on PlayStation2. (A sequel visual novel was released in 2009 under the title Myself; Yourself: Sorezore no Finale.) And although the last to be released in 2007, the visual novel was actually the inspiration for both the light novel and the anime. The story is set into motion by the return of high school student Sana Hidaka to his birth city of Sakuranomori after a five-year absence. While he finds old friends, he also finds that time has not been still.

Sana returns to Sakuranomori alone (his parents being overseas for work), and lodges in an apartment owned by the parents of Aoi Oribe, one of Sana's childhood friends and the oldest in their circle by about a year. Other friends with whom he reunites include Nanaka Yatsushiro and the Wakatsuki twins, Shuri and Shusuke. Shusuke was Sana's best friend before he left and is the only other guy in their group, even as it grows with the eventual addition of Hinako Mochida, who has a crush on Shusuke, and Asami Hoshino, who gains access through her friendship with Shuri. But at least these new faces are changes that Sana witnesses--it is what he missed while away that continues to separate him.

The changes confronting Sana range from trivial to ominous, from the growing weakness of Aoi's eyesight to Nanaka's changed living arrangements. And while Aoi can joke about her glasses, Nanaka has become moody and aloof. Of course, it doesn't help Sana's cause that he failed to recognize Nanaka when he first saw her again, nor that he had failed to write her letters as he promised to do after his move. But Sana is stunned to learn that Nanaka lost both her parents and her home to a fire that many suspect was arson. And so he is devastated to realize that he was not there for her when Nanaka most needed him; she confesses that her bouts of despair made her unable to trust herself enough to even contact him, and that she still feels abandoned and betrayed. But time will not be stilled, and even as Sana confronts the consequences of the past, new threats emerge to other friends.

Shusuke and Shuri, who have been helping Sana reintegrate into local life and understand some of the changes he is encountering, are themselves caught up in a domestic struggle with their father's new wife and the demands of his political reputation. Their devotion to each other is touching (and sensitively portrayed), especially in the face to their family's internal collapse and the pressure of external scandal (the twins are accused of incest). Still, they are forced to hide the extent of their troubles until their father acts against Shuri directly, prompting a desperate escape. Let me be blunt: the scenes of domestic violence that are part of Nanaka's and the Wakatsuki twins' stories are brief but sickeningly realistic, even brutal. But the series would be less--much less--without them.

I spent years as a professional cook, and can tell you that the easiest way to spoil a dish is to try to do too much with it. You quickly reach a point where flavors and textures no longer blend and complement each other, but rather contrast and detract from the dish as a whole. If ever an anime seemed poised to take this disastrous plunge, it is Myself; Yourself, which adds new elements right up until the final moments of the final episode. Amazingly, however, it all works! This is one of the most solidly constructed anime series that I've ever watched: a twisting, hungry story that successfully incorporates its many disparate parts and subplots. This show is no joyful noise, but a slow-swelling hymn. Let it sweep you away.
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Posted 2/3/15
I was surprised to see an older anime in the forum. This is one of my favorites I watched a few years ago so I felt I had to comment. For those who who are not afriad to watch dramas that are also not afraid to delve deep into the darkness that is reality - I highly recommend this one.
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Posted 2/3/15 , edited 2/4/15
Its depth surprised me when I watched it. I'm still amazed by how much story it managed to cram into just 13 episodes, and just how dark it got, all without losing its own sense of believability. But I've got to tell you, the domestic violence scenes were hard for me. This series didn't pull any punches!
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Posted 2/4/15
This is also one of my favorites. I started watching this not knowing anything about it, so after the first few episodes, I figured this to be a classic, fluffy romance anime; however, just as moonhawk said, I was in for a big shock with how dark it got. After I finished it, I looked for some threads with peoples' thoughts. I read where a lot of people said they saw the ending coming, but I'll be completely honest, I surely didn't and it caught me by surprise.

That's about all I wanted to say. I really enjoyed this anime and wanted to give it some props.
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