Brand New Nendoroid Head Ball Joint Stuck in Head
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Posted 1/29/15 , edited 1/30/15
This really REALLY makes me mad

So I had ordered my Yui Hirasawa Nendoroid from Amazon on January the 1st, and had to deal with holiday shipping waiting. It just came in after 26 days on Tuesday, and the joints were fine. In fact the joints were coming out of the head continuously, and freely. 2 DAYS after opening the package it seems as if ALL of the head joints ARE COMPLETELY STUCK inside of the head itself. So not only is my Happy Yui face have a ball joint stuck in it(COMPLETELY UNUSABLE), but I can't give it another heads joint.

The parts did seem really sticky day one out of the box, and I guess the glue set or something. BUT REALLY!!! Now I can't rotate the joints or anything.

I checked EVERYTHING to make sure it was 100% LEGIT. The box was perfect, and the figure itself was perfect. I found it rather hard to be sure though as I REALLY HOPE this isn't the rest of the figures quality control. These things cost quite a little bit for me.

SO WHAT CAN I DO! I have tried tweezers, I've tried prying it out myself. I have tried screaming at it in agony, and nothing!


Note: I did not order from CrunchyRoll, I am just looking for advice on how to get it out of the head. I have tried Tweezers to no avail.
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It may be a hidden bootleg if your nendoroid is malfunctioning that badly. Where did you buy it from and where did it come from?
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NishiJones wrote:

This really REALLY makes me mad

Looks like you skipped a part between the stump sticking out and the stump disappearing, I'm also not sure how nendoroid necks are supposed to look.
I've dismantled watches but I need more information before I can dismantle this.
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