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"Every Journey begins with a single step"


Character name:
Abilities: [Only include if your character is not human]
You can create up to ten characters (If more pm me).
By "Type" I mean if your character is a Human or a Supernatural creature (Vampire, Baku, Neko, Oni, Dragon, Fairy, Phantom,Kumiho e.t.c.)
If you need any help PM me.

If you create more characters after your first one, create a new post!
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Mashiro Kuro

Age: 16

Type: Shinigami

Personality: Bubbly, clumsy,slightly timid, stubborn, cute,childish

Likes: The night, Sweets, bunnys

Dislikes: Spicy food, Deep water, bugs coming near her

Abilities: Shinigami vision (Spirit vision, soul sense and time limits), frost manipulation, shadow manipulation

Bio: Not much is known about her besides the fact that her parents aren't around.

Others: While her body might appear to be fragile (Which doesn't help the fact how clumsy she is ) she is actually talented at freerunning.
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Hello. My name is Akagi. I am a seventeen year old energetic babe who loves to fight, especially with my sisters. I am an expert in martial arts, and, if I may say so myself, I am pretty cute, right? I'm around 5'6 ft tall & 327 Ib. Don't ask. (Machine parts aren't made out of air, you know!) Anyways, see ya later.



tags; #akagi , #pixel gif , #kancolle , #kawaii , #pixelgirl , #tumblr , #machine lol

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An energetic tea-lover who cannot seem to stop talking. When you first meet her, she seems like a real oddball; clinging to new people, giving new people a weird nickname, etc. She is very forgetful, and unimportant things go through one ear and come out the other. On that note, she is actually very responsible in battle, or when she has little jobs, and is very reliable to be with on a mission. She loves to tease people by acting strange in crucial times; having a tea party in the middle of a mission, singing an idol-like song to lure out the enemies, etc. Despite her odd behavior, Akagi can be serious at times, and acts as a good leader. She is calm in dangerous situations or in emergencies, and has the ability to calm others down during these times. Overall, she is a childish and playful girl, though her clinginess can be a bit of a problem. If you ever happen to meet her, give her a chance, alright?

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a. teleportation; activated by a button on her gear, she can teleport. the bad part is that she can only teleport to places she sees at the moment, or places in her memories. the distance is unknown.
b. weapon equip; as a battleship machine, she has the ability to call out, or activate, the following items. missiles, guns or cannons, underwater missiles, & mini battleships (usually decoys) that are 1/10 as powerful as her.
c. water & sky transportation; Akagi can walk on water, and sometimes air. it depends on the air flow, and the pollution.
d. calculations; she has the ability to calculate the enemy's next move, where the enemy is located, etc. it only works 80% of the time, however, and is not always fully accurate.
e. larger equip; by using her life energy, or her battery, she can touch a weapon and enlarge it, causing the weapon to become up to 90x as powerful.. (this ability cannot be activated or used unless Akagi is planning on zapping out her battery. aka, if she uses this ability too many times, she will be discharged, and may die.)
DURING BATTLE (so kawaii)

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《 unknown. all the information Akagi has about her creation is that a female scientist named "Ooya" created her. Otherwise, her database on this topic is completely cleared. 》
During the time of a sunset, a certain machine stood up. She had no idea where she was, and her body was unclothed. She felt dizzy, as if she had just been washed away by an ocean of the sorts. Of course, her assumption was correct. She was standing on the shores of a large beach, watching the sun fall. Her body was weak and heavy, and her data was going out of controll. That's when she felt a small prick in her neck, and she fell, fainted. Once she awoke, she was in a bath with a small timer in front of her. The time remaining was 15 h 23 m. Somehow she has been brought to a mysterious place, no one but herself in the large sauna. That's when she heard a small creaking noise; the sound of a door opening. Three girl's came into the bathing area, and did not notice Akagi immediately. That's when Akagi moved slightly, trying to cover up herself. "Oh, that must be the new cruiser that the General found on our beach." One of the girls said, looking at Akagi. "Welcome to our naval base, miss- uh, what is your name?" Another of the girls asked, walking over to Akagi. "....?" She responded with a puzzled look. "Ah, her voice must be regenerating now. After all, she does have more than half a day left here." The third girl whispered in a sorry voice, stepping into a different bath. The other two girls followed suit, their eyes still glued on Akagi. In a seconds notice, a small screeching noise came, a green liquid being poured on Akagi. The timer was now at 0h and 0m, meaning she had fully recovered. As soon as the liquid touched her, Akagi took a large gasp, as the substance was very freezing. The other three girls gasped in shock. That liquid, Metrione, was only used on the higher ups, or the very strong machines. Akagi stood up, and a small towel appeared on her body. "Akagi." A voice said just as a small circle appeared over Akagi. "...?" She was then transported to a dark room, onky lit up by a ton of computers. A single male sat, waiting for Akagi. He snapped his fingers, making clothes appear on Akagi. (the clothes she has on above this post.) "We need you to protect a few cities here in Japan. Even though you are new, we are low on machines at the moment." The male started, snapping his fingers once again. Akagi'so voice was now fully healed, "Mister, you're mighty cute." Was the first thing she said. The man continued, ignoring her comment, "We will provide you with the upmost care, and we will keep in touch. Now, we will send you to one of the cities inhabited by cruel and filthy creatures. Your task is to remove these things and restore the city." He ordered, turning around. The sounds of keyboard clicks filled the room. As soon as he stopped, a small green circle appeared around Akagi. "Bye." Was the last thing she heard before she landed in a town. (which is where she will start in the roleplay.)

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inspired by reitoningu

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Character name: Tsukishima Reia
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Type: Human
Personality: Dazed, air head and Cold.
Likes: Sleep and Naps.
Dislikes: Crowds, Loud Noises and The Sun.
Bio: Reia is born in an odd group of assassins. With mostly no real identity she was given a code name. Reia have no understanding of who her parents were, but one thing she know for sure is that she indeed did have one 'true' brother. However, it was unknown of whether he is alive or not. They were twins born into a normal family, each given a locket with a crescent moon shape design to it and each include a gem stone. Reia's is of the red ruby while her brother has the ocean blue sapphire gem. These lockets are the only thing she remembered from her previous and so called 'home' until her family was taken away from her.
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