The Tatsunoko offset protagonist
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Posted 1/30/15
Just a cute thing I've noticed them doing in the last few Tatsunoko shows ([email protected] and Gatchaman CROWDS).

The main character and the traditional 'hero' are seperate characters, and they might even be intentionally turning our gaze away from the heroes.

In CROWDS one of the objections was that Hajime makes no character development at all. This is pretty much true, but it's also the trick. The show *should* (in a particular sense) be an action show about Sugune (sp) maturing into a hero or a Drama about Rei and X and Katze. Both of those would have been powerful and interesting shows, but instead they decided to focus on the supporting character who changes both of their lives and outlooks.

This is, imo a pretty brialliant trick, and it makes you look at the whole show differently. It becomes about growth and changing viewpoints rather than being about just punching the enemy.


Now with Yatterman, they appear to be doing the same thing. Galina is pretty cowardly, to the point of not having the courage to take responsibility for his own decisions... or was anyways. He's also visually pretty strikingly similar to the orginal Yatterman-1

He's not the main character though, Leopard is. The funny thing with her, however, is that she is, and I'd argue has to remain essentially an innocent kid. She's always the one who would say "Stealing is wrong!" that's the point... and there's not really a huge amount of room for development.

This is the trick again. We have a cute and charming, but not very capable of growth 'official' protagonist, and a purportedly side character who's already had a ton of personal growth and has all the markings of ending up being an action hero.

So, I guess I have a question with this; Does this theory make sense, and if it is intentional does it work for folks?
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Posted 1/14/17
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