Rules or steps to a zombie outbreak
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23 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 1/30/15
What are your top 5 rules or steps to follow so that you survive the zombie apocalypse ?
you can only pick 5 each and no more you can put 5 rules and then the first 5 things you think need to be done

so my rules are 1 being most important and 5 being least

1.someone bitten is as good as dead
2.Never use anything that generates noise (guns, cars, chainsaws, speakers etc.)
3.Other people are not to be trusted (a zombie cant rob me)
4. preserved food and water is more important than luxuries (mobile is not a needed item now)
5. avoid couples (if one of them gets bitten then they may kill to protect their infected loved ones causing disaster)

now my steps so assuming I wake up to it starting I would

1. round up all the skilled people I know
2. base of operations (need that super fort =p)
3.get a chain of command and job rotation set up
4.scout for animals like cows chickens pigs etc.
5. scavenge for other resources and survivors

so yup that's mine but what is one is right or wrong here so give it a little thought and post it up
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Posted 1/30/15
1. Avoid any avoidable encounters with zombies
2. Alone you die, but trust has to be earned.
3. Fortify but stay out of the city.
4. Fresh water, canned food and harvestable crops are life.
5. Antibiotics. Get 'em.
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24 / M / New York
Posted 1/30/15
1. Cry.
2. Cry.
3. This is probably really cool.
4. Grab a weapon, just in case.
5. Cry.
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22 / M / The Internet
Posted 1/30/15
This is assuming it's a standard, average zombie apocalypse.

1. Trust no one.
2. Avoid the night.
3. Cannibalism is off limits, even when starvation is a thing.
4. Avoid human settlements when possible.
5. Maintain Sanity.


1. Gather all supplies necessary into basement.
2. Head out into the woods (there's one behind my home) and dig out a new home.
3. Move all essential supplies and mementos into my new home.
4. Begin renovating my new home (involves having floors, walls, ceiling and a 'door' that isn't dirt).
5. Continue to expand my underground home in the hopes of becoming self-sufficient without going back to the surface (ex. growing crops underground and finding an underground water source).
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26 / Gensokyo
Posted 1/30/15
1. No crying.
2. Trust no one.
3. Never open the door.
4. Never open the door, no matter what.
5. Oh and did I say "Never open the door"?.

1. Barricade my home.
2. Wait.
3. Wait.
4. Wait.
5. Die of starvation.
Posted 1/31/15
the one and only rule I have for myself is... Pretend to be a zombie when I see them. I mean, they're brainless... so how could they possibly differentiate between their kinds and normal humans? :-/
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21 / M
Posted 1/31/15
1. Find seven dragon balls and wish the zombies away.

2. If the epidemic hasn't gone across the seas yet and you still haven't located the dragon balls, nuke whatever land mass the outbreak originated in.

3. If it's too late for #2, use flamethrowers to kill as many zombies as possible.

4. Avoid using close range weapons. The closer you are, the more likely you are to get infected.

5. Build space colonies and send humanity to live in space. This would take a long time, so I'm not prioritizing it.
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Posted 1/31/15
1. Just wait until Natural selection take in.
2. Catch 10 zombies before natural selection kills them all.
3. Wait until humanity has rebuild itself.
4. Sell them for 500 million each
5. Retire

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25 / M / Kaguya's Panties
Posted 1/31/15
1. Pick up gun
2. Load it with bullets
3. Shoot myself in the face

There is no reason to continue living in a world that's overrun by the undead.
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Posted 1/31/15
1. People craves a zombie outbreak. You know you do. It's just to experience it against their mundane everyday life.
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23 / F / Outer Space
Posted 1/31/15
1. The first rule in a zombie outbreak is that there are no rules. You do anything you can to survive.

In terms of a plan, I'd get a group of people together and establish a leader before making a beeline for the ocean and heading out to sea since zombies can't swim. Then we'd spend the rest of our days being zombie hunting pirates.
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 1/16/17
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