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Posted 2/1/15 , edited 2/1/15
OK, last Saturday night to support those good old animes on Toonami, before they take them away.
So took a two hour nap in the afternoon. Had a sandwich bag of tortilla chips and a big glass of ice water ready.
11:30 arrives. Dragon ball, no, ...seen the first time around and enough times after that I had no interest, so over to NBC for SNL. Midnight, Naruto....Naw, no interest, stay with SNL. 12:30, OK One Piece...1:00 Inuasha, Final Act...Alright,, always was going to catch on HULU but never got around to it.....Darn, they killed off another key character...a tear jerker....awwwww, OK...Gurren Lagon now, and........I wake up.......It's 4:30 and I had preprogramed the cable to switch over to Portlandia on IFS.....cause IGPX on Toonami followed by King of the Hill wasn't anything I had planned to see.....
Darn, ice all melted. Better check weather on iPad...snow storm coming.

Hey, new Cross Ange streaming already on CR.....

I stay awake and watch that....

So much for major effort to support Toonami...
Hey, I tried...Well, those shows I slept through must be streaming somewhere...
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Posted 1/5/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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