Pre-AB New England Cons?
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Posted 2/1/15 , edited 2/1/15
Just wondering if anyone has ever attended or plans to attend some of the cons I saw listed on the forum:

I saw on there that coming up in March there is:

Queen City Kamikaze
March 7, 2015
Manchester, NH

March 13-15, 2015
Troy, NY

March 27-29, 2015
Northampton, MA

That looked near enough to myself that I might be willing to travel. Has anyone ever been to any of these or plan to go this year? They all seem pretty small but small and the websites I found for them seem iffy. (Like it's February now and they still have 'To be Announced' as many main pages) but anyone else have thoughts?
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Posted 2/14/15 , edited 2/14/15
I have been to Genericon. It is run by Rensselaer Polytech's anime club and draws about 2000 people a year. I went to school there so I might be biased to say that it is a fun con.
It has had big guests in the past like vic mignogna, johnny yong boch, and uncle yo, but expect only 1-2 major guest a year. There are cosplay competitions, a 24hr game room, almost 24hr anime screening, karaoke, and fun panels. some highlights include cosplay deathmatch, cosplay chess, cosplay dating game, eye of aragon readings. There are also people there who run a pokemon league at the con where you compete with your pokemon from x and y against gym leaders of each type for badges and then face the champion. There is a small vendor room and artist alley where you can find some cool stuff. Last year, an artist actually sold Helix Fossils in the mist of the Twitch Plays Pokemon fad.
Food is available nearby at mcdonalds and subway if you want to drive 1/2 a mile or there are food stores including a minimart in the student union on campus, a pizza place and a Moe's within walking distance. I recommend getting a hotel as sleeping at the con is prohibited. All in all, Genericon is a small, fun con that is worth at least a day trip.
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Posted 11/6/16 , edited 11/6/16
2015 event is over please look forward to 2017!
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