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A private school located in East Ikebukuro. A lot of our beloved characters from DRRR!! have attended this school, and some are still enrolled! It was formerly known as Reijin academy, before it was merged with a nearby school due to certain circumstances.

Raira Academy is considered to be a good high school, with excelling students and wonderful facilities. The classes and curriculum offered are also top-notch. There are many different clubs available to join, as well!

Casual RP, WITH THE EXCEPTION of school fights breaking out. Especially since students may be in a gang.

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Diana rushed down the hall with a text book hanging out of her bag and her clothes looked like she rushed to put them on. She stops right before she gets to the door of the class room and takes a deep breath. Then, she slowly peeks around the corner and proceeds to the back of the class trying not to be seen by the teacher. Successfully she throws her bag down and looks around the class. Everyone was either slouches over, asleep, or passing notes back and forth. Except, that one student in the front that was sitting up straight taking notes. "Another day in class, " Diana thought to herself, " I just remembered why I stopped coming."
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