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Post Reply the Mountain (RP AREA)
Posted 2/1/15 , edited 2/2/15


Its realllllyyy STEEP! Watch your step
and beware of bears cause you never know when bears are around kay'
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Suka slowly opened her eyes to see herself on the peek of a mountain?!
"A-Ah!? What happened!?" Sukas heart began to skip a beat as she stood from her feet. The sunset reflected on her hair.
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Haito walked up the mountain confused as he ruffled his black hair.
"Sigh, how did I get in this situation?" Haito stayed calm and collected as always taking a picture of the sunset with his iPod. He listened to music and as he continued walking up. He saw a girl beautiful as day looking worried.
"Huh? What would a girl be doing up here?" Haito stopped his music and walked up to the girl,
"Hey, are you alright?" He asked the girl
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Suka stared at view,
"How beautiful...." As Suka was admiring the sunset, her eyes captured the handsome boy to her right,
"Ah! W-who are!?" Suka backed away looking at the man sternly, she crossed her arms as her dress flowed in the wind.
"Well?" Suka blushed staring at his handsomeness but shook her head. She was really going to get angry.
"Answer me! Who are you?!" Suka yelled so loud, that her voice echoed far out the land
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"Woah woah! I'm Haito!" Haito said calmly sighing in such despise of the girl.
"Sigh, so..... What is your name?" Haito asked blushing. He didn't meet such a beautiful girl. But he was so angered by her stubbornness and impatience. Haito put his ear buds back on and lifted his scarf up more.
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"Haito huh.... I see, I'm Suka..." Suka shyly backed away, sitting at the edge of the mountain,
"I supposed you won't believe me if i say.... This..." Suka widened her eyes and face palmed.
"Look at me.. Already opening up to a stranger." Suka sighed and blew the string of hair on her gentle face.
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"You can open up to me, it's fine I guess." Haito blushed a cherry Red. He wondered if Suka had appeared in this mountain out of nowhere with no memory too.
"Go on, I'll listen.." Haito sat next to Suka gently patting her soft hair
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Suka blushed and gently took Haitos soft hands of her head and held them tightly,
"I-I" Suka again resisted and looked back up at Haito straight into his crystals blue eyes.
"I randomly woke up here with none of my memory, I don't remember anything except that my name is Suka! That it!" Suka looked down trembling gripping on to Haito tighter and tighter. Then she let go shaking her head.
"I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened.." Suka sighed and looked down at her slim thighs
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Haito smiled and looked up,
"Thank goodness, you have the same situation as me..." Haito looked at suka smiling as bright as the sun
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Suka widened her eyes seeing such a comforting smile .... The smile kinda reminded her of a..
"Fathers smile...." Suka mumbled softly but loud enough for Haito to hear,
"Your smile is kind of like a fathers smile. Ah! I will call you Papa Haito!" Suka smiled squeezing her body into a tiny ball.
"Papa Haito lalala~ " Sukarno sang calmly and quietly
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"Papa Haito? Great now she thinks I'm her father!" Haito mumbled to himself. He looked back at skua singing at the sunset.
"Hey now, even though we lost our memories, it doesn't mean I'm your father. we are both 18 years old!" Haito facepalmed hiding his blushed face.
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"Hehe, you do got a point..." Suka grinned, she slowly started to close her eyes and fell asleep on Haitos shoulder.
"H-Haito......" Suka hugged Haitos arms and fell asleep on Haitos shoulders gently
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"Huh, I guess I should get a rest too..." Haito nuzzled his face onto Sukas head and smiled.
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As the day passed, it was the dark pure night. Suka woke up and saw herself hugging Haito tenderly, she yelled and let go instantly then blushed,
"W-What HAPPENED!?" Suka through a rock at Haito waking him up
Posted 2/9/15 , edited 2/9/15
"WAHH?! OUCH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Haito tumbled over and stood up.
"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?," Haito said, he saw her blushed and realized that they fell asleep hugging each other.
"O-oh....." Haito face palmed and blushed seriously red
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