Impossible to control playback on Samsung PN51F5500 plasma
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Posted 2/1/15
I have this TV in my bedroom rather than living room (where I have my projector). To begin with, this is what the remote looks like:

I'm curious as to whether anyone else has this model and has tried playback on it. I can't seem to get any of the buttons actually on the remote to do much of anything to the stream. For instance, trying to slide around on the remote's touchpad doesn't actually do anything. It doesn't select any of the control settings up top, and they just seem to appear and disappear. I can't pause, go forward or backwards... anything. The playback itself is fine, but I tend to want to at least skip the credits. It appears that I can use the "more" menu to... try to skip around, but it's strange. When I try to go forward, the bar at the top looks like it goes forward for a split second but then promptly returns to where it was. To top it all off, the app sometimes apparently can't keep the television out of the screensaver, so the screensaver will randomly go on.

What do I have to do in order to easily pause and skip around using this app? Perhaps a third party universal remote (supposing that's possible to interface...)?
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Posted 6/7/15
Been awhile since the OP, but in case anyone else comes across this looking for answers, maybe this will help. I have this exact TV and experience the same issue. Unfortunately the only way FF or RW is to use the more menu to bring up the onscreen controls. If you can get a regular samsung remote that will work with your TV it will be a lot easier to control, or a Harmony Remote if you have several items you would like to control.

In regards to the behavior during FF, the first time you use it and push it several times, it will behave as expected. If you use it again, it will show the bar move forward, then jump back, but will indeed take a second and load up the point in which it is skipping to. Just makes it hard to skip to an exact point.

About the screensaver kicking in, that happens if at any point you skip forward or backward during the playing of the show, such as skipping through the opening credits. If you start the episode and watch through without doing anything except pausing, you shouldn't experience the screensaver. I have heard that after long binge watching it will start to kick in anyway.

These issues are prevalent across Samsung BluRay Players and TVs and have been complained about for the last couple of years. Unfortunately CR doesn't seem to care about the inconveniences this app is causing and don't want to update it to fix a few bugs. I guess when pigs fly they will fix these bugs, and maybe give us the HD that they promised 2 + years ago.
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Posted 6/7/15
Amen to that brother ! I'm blue in the face from complaining about the Samsung problems . They just don't care...
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