Any anime recommendations?
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Posted 2/2/15 , edited 2/2/15
I'm just finishing up Nisekoi and wondering what would be a good anime to watch once I finish.
I don't really have a specific type of anime that I like, I generally look for whatever is appealing to my eye in terms of animation quality. I also like good mysteries and trying to guess what will happen next.
I really don't know what I should watch after I finish so any recommendation would be cool.
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Posted 2/2/15 , edited 2/2/15
If you like mysteries, the first things that pop into my head are:

- Hyouka
- Persona 4: The Animation (NOT the Golden animation, watch the slightly older one)

If you want anime with good suspense, strong plots, and good animation:

- Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- Steins; Gate
- Eureka Seven
- Attack on Titan
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Serial Experiments Lain (animation was great for its day, but feels a little dated now)

The Visual Arts/Key catalog all have some underlying mysteries to the world, and all have very good animation, though they tend to focus on the romance side of things. In reverse chronological order they are:

- Angel Beats
- Little Busters
- Clannad
- Kanon
- Air

In that same general category (romance/dramatic anime with some underlying mysteries that need to be figured out), you can probably also put: (note: the first two in particular have extremely good animation; the rest are solid)

- Bakemonogatari
- ef: Tale of Memories
- Myself; Yourself
- Yosuga no Sora (warning: high sexual content)
- Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions
- Red Data Girl
- Noragami
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